What scarf should I decorate my bag with... any ideas?

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  1. Ok, now that I figured out which wristlet I'm going to get for my new navy patent satchel, I think I want to decorate it for once... I've never put a scarf on a bag, so I'm not sure how it would look... what kind of scarf do you think would go w/my navy patent ergo satchel? any suggestions? this is the one I was thinking of... I got authenticity on the scarf, BUT my only concern is the size... she said it was like 60" from tip to tip.. could that be right? seems almost like a blanket size...??

    this is cortusey of ebay...
  2. I think you should use the light blue polka dot/signature ponytail scarf if you get the blue patent wristlet.
  3. For those of you that haven't heard of the ergos... this is the bag I just bought...
  4. I agree with Ash, or also the tattersall ponytail would be great too.
  5. which one is that ash? is that one avaiable on coach.com?
  6. I like that blue scarf you posted Coachgirl12, but it seems like it might be too long to tie to the bag. I think the Legacy Tattersall ponytail scarf would look great with the navy!
  7. thats true... ! i like that scarf too! there are so many pretty scarves out there!
  8. Anyone think I should NOT decorate it w/anything? or how 'bout just a charm?
  9. Personally, I don't like scarves on bags so I think it would look great with just your charm(s). It's all a "taste thing", though. There a ton of them that would coordinate nicely! I probably wouldn't go for blue. I would do a nice bright contrasting color.

    Good luck. You look adorable with your new ergo.
  10. awww thanks! your such a sweetheart wanted_cordova! yeah i'm not sure what i'm gonna do... i normally don't decorate too much because i don't want to have it take away from the bag, so we'll see...
  11. Not having seen your bag in person, I think also a Legacy scarf would look great. I just got the Legacy/multicolored signature one (I can't remember what it's technically called), and I think it would look great because if has some navy in it along with a splash of other colors.
  12. which is the legacy scarf again bag?:confused1:

  13. There are variations....there's even one with tattersall on the other side. Let me see if I can find that info. Actually, the one I just got is in my pic I posted back a while ago...here it is again.

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  14. How about this pretty ponytail scarf? (available on Macy's or Dillard's website) I love the combination of legacy/tattersall. I have this on my leather parchment Carly with the legacy stripe photo keyfob tucked under the bow. It's truly classic coach colors without being too "flashy."