what SCARF do you go with ur bags??

  1. actually, im think about go for scarf to decorate my bags. :love:
    i've used a mini mouse doll key ring and my initial key ring but want to change them to scarf these days.
    what scarf do you use with ur bags??:confused1::confused1::confused1:
    any brand??
    it will be really appreciate if u post some pictures showing ur bag decorated with scarf.:tup:


    i will post my puppie's picture instead of scarf pic :smile:
    his name is pingu...:heart:
  2. I use hermes scarves with my LV bags and sometimes Chanel. I like the Thomas Wylde scarves with my balenciaga 's
  3. I don't decorate my bags with scarves, just for the sake of it. I think it looks affected.
    If I'm using a scarf and don't want to carry or fold it, then I sling it onto the bag.
  4. I just can't bring myself to decorate my bags.....and no offense to Kathy Van Zeeland, because her bags are cute, but I don't want to go around looking like that.