What SA's here work at Nordstrom's Chanel?

  1. I have someone at the Seattle location, but doesn't someone work at the mall of America? What other Nordie's carry Chanel?
  2. Seattle and one in CA I think, a brand new one in CA.
    Those are the only 2 as far as I know.
  3. Chanelboy works at the Chanel at the Nordstrom Mall of America.
  4. Nordstrom in Canoga Park, CA carries Chanel. Lori Monji is THE best s/a! She helped me with my Cloudy Bundle sale and when the strap broke, overnighted me a new bag at no extra charge. She even had DHL pick up the defective bag from my house and overnight it back to the store. I wrote her manager a letter of commendation. Lori also knows the Chanel merchandise better than the manager of the Chanel boutique!
  5. I talked to Lori today re: some jewelry I wanted she was great! I will definitely be shopping with her from know on.
  6. I called Lucas (ChanelBoy) and he ended up transferring me to the CA store and I lucked out and got Lori (before I read this). She was great, very nice. I'd definately ask for her again.

  7. Right I was just gonna post this.:yes: