What sacrifices have you made for your handbags?

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  1. We moved into a new house about 10 yrs. ago and since that time I've been dying for new upholstered living room furniture. We have invested a lot of our savings remodeling the house-new doors, carpet, finished basement, remodeled bathrooms and most recently rebuilt the staircase, replaced all handrails/spindles and completely remodeled the kitchen. So, whenever we finish a project, there never seems to be money leftover in the budget for the little things, like the new living room furniture. Yet, I seem to always find the money for a new handbag.

    I just added up the cost of all the bags in my closet that have been purchased since moving into our house: $11,700. It seems I've sacrificed having a nice looking living room for an expensive handbag collection. What have you sacrificed?
  2. I really haven't sacraficed anything material,just my free time. When I have a new bag on my mind or in my sights,I work some extra hours to cover most of the cost. Works pretty good for me. As I am getting older it is getting harder. The free time is getting to be more valuable than the $$$$. :yes:

    swezfamily - You are so right! There's always seems to be money when I want a new bag.:P
  3. I tried long and hard to really think about it, but there always seems to be enough money at the end of the day for a new bag.....but my limit today with this economy is aroud $350 for a bag, and I really like it that way. I probably get 3 or 4 new bags a year.
  4. we're buying a house and selling our flat sooo, i guess i'll have to cut own in a month or 2 with buying bags and shoes...I'm limiting myself to 2 bags this year, no impulsive buy (hum...) and only if i have the money saved for that....Hope it works, I just broke my ban TODAY, these sales were too good to be true! yikes!
  5. I haven't sacrificed anything. I'm planning a vacation to Japan this coming summer, so I just stop buying handbags (as well as clothes) and set that money aside for my trip.
  6. OP, i can soooo relate to you. i should buy funiture for my apartment (moved in almost 2 years) and also less clothes....all my money is in for handbags and shoes
  7. I'm such a shopper. Lover of clothes, shoes and designer handbags. And with those many loves, I've racked up so much in credit cards..especially at Nordstroms!! There are so many bags that I still want : LV neverfull (damier), miu miu bow satchel (gray), Gucci suskey tote(beige/off white trim), Gucci hysteria in off white guccissima leather....*sigh*..I don't know when I can get them cause I have my own business now...and having a business is a sacrifice in itself, especially in this economy right now. ..but before this...I sacrificed buying a new car ( mines old..but I can't help it, spend all my money on designers). Sorry I kept blabbing ladies, my bf doesn't understand, but I know you guys would.
  8. I sacrificed buying those expensive coffee drinks from Starbucks and Coffee Bean. I used to buy two to three a week, now I limit to only one every so often (like twice a month instead). At least I can enjoy a bag longer than a coffee drink.
  9. I've sacrificed a much need bathroom remodel, and a few minor house upgrades.. :blush: I'm seriouly getting my act together this year, there I said it.. I have to follow through now. :smile:
  10. I've made a sacrifice by getting a wii system for the entire household instead of buying a handbag.
  11. i've sacrificed little or not at all to buy my bags. the only thing i could come up with is maybe buying a bag over shoes and clothes or perhaps not eating out at a nice restaurant that week.
  12. Good for you! It's not as pretty, but it will get just as much love!
  13. None- no sacrifice ( touchwood):P