What Sabrina????????

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  1. Hi everyone! I am planning on buying a sabrina soon. She is so pretty. At first I was set on the Large Patent Camel with the chain. But then I recently though that a leather small sabrina (idk what color yet) might be better because I don't carry that much, and the size is cuter. What do you experts think is a better choice for my first sambina?:thinking:Also, if you say the samll leather, what color do you suggest?
  2. I'd pick small leather. The large is quite big (for me, at least).

    If you like the chain, consider a small patent :smile: I think the chain really makes the bag!

    But, if you want leather...maybe black/silver? A lot depends on your wardrobe, too.
  3. Oooh I love the chain so I think the small patent camel would be good.
  4. That would be gorgeous! And patent should be easy to clean AND matches pretty much everything!
  5. I second what deleckidesign suggested, get the small one. She is really cute & of the right size. She might be small but can definitely fill quite a bit of stuffs into her.....:biggrin:
  6. That's settled then :biggrin: She sounds perfect!
  7. Eversince, I've bought my 1st sabrina, IMO no other bag can be more perfect than the small sabrina. I love the style, size & add shoulder strap to go with. Good Luck to ur sabrina search..... do post pics when u get her.:graucho:
  8. Totally agree! It's both functional and fabulous!

    I bought my first a couple weeks ago and already have a second on the way! And a third one planned :nuts:
  9. awesome question!!! i was in the coach store today with both the larger and smaller sabrinas...i have 2 small sabrinas, one in cherry leather, the other in camel patent and i love them both! idk what you carry on a daily basis, but, my sabrinas fit my pda, my makeup bag (which i fill to capacity) sunglasses, wallet, cell phone, pens, pencils and assorted things that look like they used to be hard candies....the larger sized one is BIG, but gorgeous as well...if you love a big bag, you'll love it, but if you're just wondering about about it for the size and will it fit your stuff, then i think the smaller sabrina works great (i just got my 3rd today in cobalt!)
    let us know which one you get!!!
  10. It sounds like an addiction is on the way lol. Now I want an amythyst opt art too!
  11. the funny thing is that i've NEVER bought the same bag in different colors before but i absolutely LOVE the sabrina...i think she is the perfect bag...i love a satchel and sometimes i need to put it over my shoulder, so i'm glad that i have both options...the size is great, the hardware is great...this is the perfect bag! can't wait to hear which one you get!!!