What S/S Bags are You Planning on Getting?


From what lines of LV's S/S '08 collection are you planning to buy bags?

  1. Pulp

  2. Jokes

  3. BonBon

  4. Watercolor Vachetta

  5. Watercolor Exotic + Jamais

  6. Motard

  7. Ostrich/Cartoons

  8. Men's Bags

  9. From two or more lines

  10. None

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  1. I'm thinking of getting the men's Soana trotteur or Sac de Sport in grey (assuming they're released).

    I rather like the Pulp Weekender GM in pink, but won't buy just on the principle that it's $1K more than the PM just for being 3" longer, 4" taller, and 1.5" deeper.
  2. i'm definitely getting the matisse and the new mahina xs (if it looks good). i'm iffy about the watercolor pieces.
  3. Aww can't pick more than one option.
    Anyways, I'm almost sure to get a weekender and a soana trotteur.
    The rest are iffy :smile:
  4. I am going to get the Weekender GM in pink and Watercolor Vachetta Speedy 35.
  5. Right now I am on a serious ban.. 2007 was a very expensive LV year for me
  6. I see a few things in my future: Bon Bon, not sure of the color yet. One of the Lime lights and and something watercolor. I really need to refine my list and make up my damn mind already!
  7. Nothing from the runway. I'm looking more at the Violette Vernis and Cassis Epi and also the mint Inclusion pieces.
  8. The dark purple Epi :heart:! I'm hoping Alma will be available in it.
  9. Right now I'm not really feeling anything:sad:
  10. Already got the Tivoli PM.....so it will be awhile before I can purchase another:sad:

    But I can dream of having a Suhali Lockit PM in Verone:yes:
  11. Hopefully, the violette vernis and epi purple. :smile: I hope the epi purple comes in a speedy.
  12. I'm a maybe on the Aquarelle Exotic or VVN, Matisse and Rayeur

    Love the limelights so that'll be a yes
    I like the pomegranate epi but sadly it's not on any big bags so it'll have to be a SLG
  13. Nothing from the runway...nothing really suits my style.
  14. I will definitely be getting the Watercolor Speedy 35 and maybe the black limelight clutch :heart:

    I absolutely love this season, I wish I could have it all! lol
  15. something from the men's runway hopefully this bag if they make it...if not some black bequia I just realized this is too light...


    fingers crossed:smile: