What rock have I been living under??

  1. Apparently I missed the Cannelle Petit Noe.. :nuts:

  2. It's cute! I don't usually like the Cannelle, but I think I works with the Petit Noe's shape. I also think the Fawn color Petit Noe looks nice. :love:
  3. don't u see urself under the "cannelle petit noe" rock?? LOL.

    sorry that was really cheesy.

    GET IT!
  4. I saw one in Mocha (?) at one time and it was beautiful. Lost the bid on eBay though.. bummer. I have a black and love the more casual style.

  5. lol! :p I gotta save!! save!!! I see it in my future soon!
  6. Pics do not do any canelle bag justice. I thought it was just OK from the pics, but IRL it is a very rich & pretty color. The Noe is so nice,I hope you get one soon.
  7. Thanks taco!! You always have great advice. :smile: Thinks I'll go check the botique this weekend!
  8. Mocha is such a pretty color, why did it get discontinued? :crybaby: How are you liking the black PN? I really want to get one.

  9. I'm pretty new to the LV brand so don't know why (boo!) the Mocha is gone but I will say this. I LVoE my black Petit Noe!! It fits all my stuff and gets plenty of compliments. I really want a lighter style to go with the rest of my wardrobe!
  10. OOHH thats HOT!!!
  11. It is really pretty and does suit the lines of a noe.
  12. I think it's really cute. I likey
  13. Hot bag! And the Mocha is really pretty too!
  14. love the color, pretty!!
  15. I really like this too.