What RM's did you get on Black Friday?

  1. Does the Noir Mac have silver or gold hw?
  2. Lol, and of course the Noir MAC would go up since I re-ordered mine at full price on Wednesday (the Saturday order did not go through for some reason). I guess the only way to learn some lessons is the hard way, huh?
  3. Hi Minkettes! I'm a newbie here! *waves*. Usually on the LV sub-forum but have been lurking here for the past few weeks because I've been falling in LOVE w/Rebecca Minkoff bags! DH got my first RM bag a few weeks ago, a MAM in Noir :love::love::love:. And since then I've been obsessing over MAC, wanting one so bad. And now I *just* bought one in Noir from RM.com :yahoo:! I'm so friggin' excited because last night when the Sale started, I was disappointed there weren't any MAC in Noir at the time. When I just got home just now, I thought, "What the heck, I'll check the site again to see if they added anything." And they did! *faint* So now my addiction has started, can I join this wonderful group of ladies now, please :girlsigh:?
  4. welcome, tooshie! i'm fairly new too but i'm afraid that i'm a serious addict now. 4 bags in 3 weeks -- yikes! congrats on your mam and mac!
  5. I was going for that Croc Mac but it took me 35 minutes to complete the Croc MAM and by the time I got to the Mac it was sold out. Good for you girls who scored one!
  6. Welcome Tooshie! I'm afraid that is how the RM bug starts.....4 bags in 3 weeks is the first symptom....so watch out! It is an expensive habit!
  7. Whoo hoooo! Noir MAC! Exactly what I've been waiting for.
  8. Welcome tooshie and yes you are now an official Minkette! We are all hopelessly addicted. Enjoy your new MAC!!

  9. I got a Flatiron Grey MAB.....woohoo!!!!!
  10. ohhh man. the nikki w/ the pyramid studs looks gorgeous!
  11. If that were silver..I would be all over it!!!
  12. ^i agree
    but oh gosh! its so :drool: drool worthy
  13. and the price tag on makes it so difficult not to click "add to basket" and "checkout" lol
  14. Thank you for the warm welcome and congrats! So glad to be here :wlae:!
  15. Seagreen MAB from LB. came out around 274-ish with tax...