What RM's are you anxiously awaiting to arrive at your door?

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  1. I'm waiting for my "Emerald" (who knows what exact shade of green it will be) Nikki from the Haute Look sale and my newly purchased Iris Nikki @ 20% off from Owl's Lab! :wlae:
  2. ^I'm waiting for my emerald nikki from the hautelook sale too!!! The wait is killin me!!! Where are you at in Ohio loveuga????
  3. ^She's really close to you, shaurin!! :smile:

    I am waiting for a Scarlett Nikki (soon!!); and the Concord Nikki that I was gifted (tomorrow!!)

    I should also be paying off the rest of the cream old school MAC that I have on layaway in the next few weeks...

    CANT WAIT!!! :happydance:
  4. I am anxiously awaiting the light grey matinee but it will be at least 2 more weeks!!:smile:
  5. Shaurin and Loveuga, *I* can't wait for you to get your Emerald Nikkis!!! I'm obsessing about Emerald.

    I'm waiting impatiently for a BBW MAB old school from ecrater, and my black stud clutch!
  6. same here..
    by the way, does anyone know if the light grey will still be available for order after they are shipped? My friend wants one too.. but she doesn't want to get it until she see the one I ordered.
  7. I would tell her not to worry, and to just stalk feebay/ecrater...I get the clear sense that more than 1 TPFer will be putting her light grey mattie up for sale!
  8. good 'ol C-bus. Actually, suburb of it... but yeah, I consider myself from C-bus. I'm in vet school at OSU.
  9. I was born and raised in Ohio also, cuyahoga county. Moved when I was about 21. I miss Cedar Point, every summer I think about it.
  10. I'm waiting for my very first Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag, in Persimmon.
    Hopefully by the end of the week!!!
  11. my royal BW MAM! i really hope it gets here safely... it's being sent to my new address and according to neighbors, FedEx is lazy with signatures and leaves them out. :hrmm:
  12. I'm waiting for my black basketweave MAB...it'll be my first Rebecca Minkoff bag (and definitely not my last!). :love:
  13. Today I received my Noir, and Cloud Grey Kerrys, and Purple Patent Cory today. Tomorrow I should receive my Iris/Purple Lizard MAB, and then I am on a serious ban.
  14. Anxiously waiting for Sage MAB! My first and definitely no my LAST. There will be MORE! Hahaha.
  15. I'm still waiting for my ocean steady to get back from repair!! (I think it counts cuz I only got to use her twice hehe)

    I keep getting told "I put in a request to the repair department... will get right back to you!" but nothing. This friday is 6 weeks so hopefully soon...
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