What ring prefer

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  1. Thank you very much. Yes you are all absolutely right, i did not think so muchabout cut before, but really, when its excellent, its more play and shine.
  2. I wrote the wrong information on first post about the rings.what I saw turned out to be - Van cleef bonheur 1.04 carat EVVS2 for € 23,100 and Cartier 1895 Solitair 1.22 carat GVVS1 for € 21,500. We reserved Cartier. But now think Van Cleef had more sparkling. Maybe it was better light in store. Hope i make good choose. Still a little doubt.
  3. I also read a forum about bracelets from Love collection, what a bad quality it can be, that I am now afraid, I hope a diamond will be well fixed in my ring. I convey because it will be my first expensive product
  4. Ask to see the certifications, you'll see the cut quality.
  5. can you write to me pleade what should be written on the certificate? I do not understand much about diamonds)
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