What retailer has the best selection of Chloe bags?

  1. I've just recently become obsessed with Chloe and stopped into my Neimans, Saks and Nordstrom over the weekend to do some research. Surprisingly, Nordstom (Tysons Galleria, McLean, VA) had the best selection of Chloe bags. They must have had what seemed to be every color of Paddy, plus several Paddy hobos, the new Bays, Ediths, etc. I was really impressed! Neimans came in second and Saks was just plain lame. They had three bags that had been returned from catalog. I didn't check Bloomies. I know they don't sell online but I meant to see if the store carried any...

    Just thought I'd start this thread and continue my research. :happydance:
  2. Nordies usually has a great selection, MUCH, MUCH better than Saks in my opinion.
  3. TRAFFIC in southern cali