What resell sites most popular?

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  1. I want to sell my LV Bowtie for a good value. I want to know if there are other places besides eBay.
  2. I have sold to Yoogi's Closet... And have also bought from them. Will certainly do again.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Want to consign but want to get the most money I can get. Looking at yoogies and Ann's fabulous finds. Please help!
  5. I've sold on Vaunte and the RealReal.
  6. Hmmm. Don't know about either
  7. I've never sold a bag, but I've read about others' experiences with various ones. The consensus seems to be: Yoogi's is a very popular site but usually offers low consignment, Ann's Fabulous Finds is popular, great to work with but I don't know about how good her offers are and Fashionphile offers the most for consignment. At least they offer way more than Yoogi's. Seems like Fashionphile is quick about getting checks out too once your item sells.

    You may want to do a search on the forum for some threads that discuss this, because I've seen some.
  8. Thank u!
  9. Vaunte gives 85% commission but you have to do the shipping and photography yourself.

    RealReal gives less (I think it's 65%) but they will ship and photograph for you.

  10. If you don't mind me asking, what are you looking to consign?
  11. A celine trapeze
  12. Telling me I have comments but nothing showing up?!

  13. You're welcome!