What reissue is this?

  1. Can anyone help me identify this purse. I'm interested in getting one just like it. If you could identify the size, color, etc. that would be very helpful! Thanks.

    The picture is of Jessica Alba at Eva Longoria's wedding.
  2. Hi that shd be the black reissue with gold hw like the one I just got!! Check out my thread on it.. Not so sure about the size she is wearing but it looks like a 226. Don't know if hers is from the 2005 collection (the original commemorative reissues) or the recent Fall/Winter collection like the one I got..http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/i-got-my-gorgeous-black-reissue-gold-h-155256.html
  3. Was that taken this year? Looks like the croco's...
  4. There was a croc-skin one??? Omg I think you have started a totally new obsession on my part...Eep
  5. ^Coco's croco.. Released this fall / winter.. But it's not made of croco skin I think... Check the Trunk show pics... The one shown in the pic in my opinion looks more of a coco's croco for me..
  6. yeah... it's a very rich black, doesn't look like the black leather, maybe croco., suade or fabric?
  7. [​IMG]
    Coco Croco but in black
  8. Yes, I agree it's the black Satin Coco's Croco and looks like it's a 225.
  9. Eeps looks like I still have a lot to learn about identifying Chanel bags... <blushes and hides>
  10. It's ok ;) You'll learn just in time by browsing this forum. :yes: