What REALLY Fits in a Coach Demi (Pics!)

  1. Okay ladies, so after posting pics of my collection and realizing how HORRID my digital camera was, I went today to Best Buy and got a new one! I was going to go with a PowerShot but they had a 7.1 MP Olympus with everything I wanted, image stabilization and all, for $149.99 (Usually $229.00) so I GOT IT! IT IS SO AWESOME! :yahoo:

    Then I took pics of me modeling the multi-stripe demi and filling it with my stuff because everyone has been speculating about what fits in the signature stripe demi and nobody believes everything I can fit in it.... even my manager at Coach is surprised! There was still room for more stuff in it, but this is just what I carry: I took a before, a stuffed bag pic, a closed bag pic and a me modeling pic so you can see it's not overstuffed at all!

    In this pic the demi is holding: Large Chanel Sunglasses, Dior Lipgloss, Chanel Lipgloss, a rather large Samsung text messaging cell phone, a chanel purse spray, a compact, eye drops, a mini skinny, etc--

    Here ya go!

  2. ...and here's new BETTER pics of my collection for those who were requesting them-- if you're not interested, no snarky comments please, just ignore :yes:
    OlympusPicSet1.jpg olympuspicscarves.jpg olympuspicset2.jpg olympuspicset3.jpg olympuspicset4.jpg
  3. Nice photos, congrats on the new camera and bag!
  4. I LOVE all of your goodies!!! :heart::heart:BEAUTIFUL! Hey, I think you need another scarf! Just Kidding:p...LOVE THEM ALL!!! You've got quite a collection:yes:
    BTW...what is the style# & name of your red hobo? It's a BEAUTT!
  5. Nice pics! Thanks for showing the demi photos--that little bag can fit quite a bit in it..

    Don't you just love the turtle?

    Also, I've wanted that crimson tote for awhile but refuse to let myself buy another bag for awhile until I get off the fence about whether a Carly or an Ergo tote is right for me.

    Enjoy your digital camera. These pics are great!
  6. Nice!!!! I just wish it had a longer strap! I am a big girl so need a longer strap to fill comfy in a purse. It looks fabulous on you though.

  7. D33-9564 is the serial.... I got that red leather hobo for $39 off eBay brand new with tags! :yahoo:

    As far as the scarves.... I want the sheer multi-stripe scarf, I'm trying SO HARD to restrain myself!!! :graucho:
  8. THANKS! WOW...DAD-GUM....you got a deal on that hobo. She's really pretty!
    LOVE your scarf collection!!! :heart::heart: I do agree with you on the sheer multi-stripe though....it does look like it could snag really easy!

  9. The crimson tote is the best purse I've ever bought-- better even than my LV and Chanel Cambon. I mean, it's FABULOUS. You really should get it. I've gotten so many compliments in the last few days! Everyone loves the colour and shape. :heart:
  10. Thanks for the pics. I didn't realize the demi could hold that much. The bag looks great on you!
    Congrats on your new camera you got it for a great deal!
  11. That's so cool...kinda like the strap on a duffle? WOW!
    The only thing I am wondering about this bag is that it says it shows "some normal wear" and is in "good" condition. Do you think your bag/this bag is easy to "clean up"/condition and get/keep looking good? Of course, for that price it would be worth it, right?!!?
    Thanks so much for all of your help! You ROCK, girlfriend! :jammin:
  12. Wow! Nice collection! I love the punch stripe tote (I think that's what it is!) And now you have me convinced that I *need* a Demi :rolleyes:

  13. It's actually crimson :yes: they still have it at JAX whereas you can't get Punch anymore. I love this rich red! And the demi's?..... AH-MAZING :love: