What reality TV show could you be on?

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  1. If you could be on any reality TV show which ones would you choose? Do we have a future American Idol (Carrie is a fellow Oklahoman!) maybe a super suvivor, someone that fear isn't a factor too?

    I'd like to be on:
    Big Brother
    Cowboy U (CMT)
    King of the Jungle (Animal Planet)
    What Not To Wear (free shopping spree & make over)
    Clean Sweep
    Amazing Race
  2. What Not To Wear
    Trading Spaces
    The Mole with Anderson Cooper mmm (but it was of course canceled years ago)

    That's about it I think... I love the Amazing Race but I hate to fly and will never skydive, so it's not really right for me.
  3. the real world
    america's next top model (well if i grew at least an inch more and lost weight)
    amazing race
    the apprentice (i'm going to most likely major in business in college)

    i'm a reality show junkie :biggrin:
  4. Amazing Race probably.. I don't actually have TV so I don't really know what's going on TV. I'd like to be on Biggest Loser to help me shed those extra lbs though !
  5. Real World
    The Apprentice
    What Not to Wear
    Fear Factor (does this count?)
  6. I would LOVE to be on that show that George Hamilton was the host of! I think it was called The Family!!!:lol:
  7. i hate reality shows.
    i find them stupid.
  8. I can't think of any I would want to be part of.. Well, Extreme makeover HOME edition would be fun, so that they could build me one of those AMAZING houses.. I'd like that :biggrin:
  9. I'd love to have Clinton and Stacy help me shop, or to have Ty Pennington build me a house. Inky-I am in Norman, small world! There is no place to shop in this state. Any tips?
  10. I tried to dress shlumpy for a while and hinted that someone should call What not to Wear, no one fell for it. :amuse:

    I would apply to be on The Apprentice.
  11. Trading Spaces - My home needs some updating
    I think being on The Apprentice would be an interesting experience.
  12. House Hunters - I'd like to be the Realtor
    Curb Appeal - Probably my favorite show
    Flip that House - Something I'd love to do, but it's hard in my market
    Landscaper's Challenge - They really need a challenge some place where it snows!
  13. The real world
    The real world/road rules challenges
    Fear factor
  14. big brother
    amazing race
  15. LOGANZ your reply so made me laugh!!!

    I would enjoy the real world...only because they have so much fun! I live in Key west and they just finished filming the next season, they all looked like they were having a great time!