what r your thoughts on the GGH oatmeal part time?

  1. i have added two balenciagas to my wishlist. the black step and possibly the oatmeal part time. is the GGH too much? i think it compliments the oatmeal color nicley. will this be a bag i can use for future seasons? thanks!
  2. I love GGH on sandstone so would expect it to look great on oatmeal.
  3. Ohhh very classy! Totally something you can use for future seasons...it's neutral...can't go wrong with that!
  4. For the oatmeal, my fav. combo is the GGH.
  5. I haven't seen it in person, but I think oatmeal would be gorgeous with GGH and especially in the PT. It's a color that you can wear all year round and the leather from this season is phenomenal. Have fun hunting for your new bag!!!
  6. I saw this bag yesterday in Cult Status... it's really gorgeous
    I'd definately say that it's a transeasonal bag

    Go for it!
  7. I have seen Oatmeal/Mastic with GGH irl and it was stunning. Would go with a ton!
  8. its done! i placed the order with bill at bal ny today. ill post pics when i get it! thanks for your help!:yahoo:
  9. Oooooh, I can't wait to see it!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. YAY!! can't wait to see pics...i think the part-time is a great choice!!
  11. :tup:
  12. :tup:Perfect!:tup:
  13. it would be stunning!! gh was wade for the part time!! and teh color oatmeal will compliment the gold color nicely!!
  14. congrats! cant wait to see pics! I love GGH esp on colors like the oatmeal or sandstone... and in my fav style too... the PT!!! remember to post modelling pics too!