what r ur most/least useful bags


Jun 20, 2007
Canada Eh!
seems a lot of coach bags arent alsways utilitarian (ie short straps, weird size, etc)

what r ur most and least useful bags?

i think medium carly is most useful. great size and shape, nice strap length and zips all the way

i love my soho flap but it the least useful. the odd shape means i essentially have to pack each item in it exactly. take one thing out, everything spills around and it wont close right.


Sep 28, 2007
You bring up a terrific good question there! I think the small pouches and the big heavy bags with the heavy hardware aren't that useful at all in my opinion. I think the carly is fantastic but not the small pouch or the huge one since I don't want to get sore shoulders. yea, the soho flap ain't that great either. The wristlets aren't really that great but its better than a 200 buck wallet. Also, the keychains are unique but i personally wouldn't want to spend that much on a keychain. I guess its your sense and taste that matters. Sorry for being too picky and critical. I think it ultimately depends on you in the end, when you buy a bag and whether if you can handle the weight or not.
Apr 25, 2007
San Antonio
My most useful bag is the legacy shoulder bag. It's a nice size for me when I am sans kids and isn't too heavy for me. My Stuff does not get lost in there either.

When I am out with the kids my most useful bag is my Large Signature Strip Tote. It holds everything!!!!!!!

My least useful bag is my gramercy top handle satchel bag.. it's small and just a handbag so I would never take it shopping. I just use it for dinner or when I need a small black bag.. it's my only black bag:wtf: I need a more useful black bag.


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Jan 27, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
My least useful bag is my Large Novelty Stripe Basket

Here is one of Megs blogs about it..

I have carried it a few times, and while I love the bag, and the size isnt tooo bad-its just entirely too heavy! I thought it wasnt heavy at all, until I took it out on a shopping day! My forearm was actually sore the next day! lmao!! So yea...that would deff. be my least useful bag!


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Nov 7, 2005
i must say.. the most useless bag to me is a suede one. since i wear dark colors they stain rather quickly and it hurts my heart when it happens.

also i use to think a demi was useless because its small and can barely fit anything but ive discovered a new use for it.. a makeup mag for my ergo =)
i also hate bags with flaps over the zippers.. very annoying to me as well.

but ive been lucky so far all the mistake bags i have gotten i was able to resell so i am not stuck with them =)


Sep 10, 2006
In the south
For me, the least useful handbag is the hampton's hobos. They are entirely too slim (width-size) that you can't carry anything more than a wallet and your keys.

The most useful is a tie between Carly and Ali!


May 16, 2007
My most useful would probably be my medium khaki/saddle Carly. It goes with just about everything I wear and is the perfect size for me.

My least useful is probably my pink suede hobo, even though I :heart: it. So pretty and holds a lot, but the pink suede makes it wearable only during the spring/summer and I have to be extra careful with it since suede gets dirty easily.


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May 2, 2007
What a great and useful topic! I'm learning a lot.

My most useful is the gallery laced book tote since it has so much room and even though it has a zipper, the zippers flaps fold in, so I can use it as an open-top bag.

My least useful (though I love it) is my small black pocket flap. It's a Bonnie Cashin from the 70's and its just way too small, but so cute.


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Aug 30, 2007
My most useful is my Medium Carly and my Soho Swingpack. I use my Carly on weekends for shopping and whatnot. My Soho Swingpack I use in crowds or when I don't want to worry about my Carly. For example at the Evergreen State Fair or when we go to a movie. For work my most useful is a Hampton Book Tote to haul all my stuff into the factory and then it stays in my locker. It is so big I found I can even have a small purse with my wallet, a wristlet, and my agenda in it. Also, my change of clothes, magazines, etc.

I don't really have a least useful yet. Just several bags that I haven't used much since I got my Carly because I'm so in :heart: with her right now.


Mar 29, 2007
My most useful bags are my Alis, hands down. They have a great drop length, the leather is gorgeous and they hold a ton without looking like mongo-humongo bags! I also think my legacy swing pack is one of the most useful bags--great when I'm with the kids.


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May 13, 2007
My most useful is my large scribble tote from this past spring, that thing holds a ton, looks pretty, and it has a zipper, granted it is a stupid half zipper, but a zipper none the less..My medium ergo tote i love, but it only has a dogleash...

My most useLESS bag is probabley my swing pack, it is a patchwork i got at an outlet, and it was so pretty, but i got the swing pack because that is what i could afford.... i love the pattern, not the bag, so i only use it occasionally....
that and my hamptons scribble small hobo's.. they're just too small, and width wise.. no good.you have to put things in there perfectly and when you want to take something out, you have to totally rearrange it to get it back in....
my large soho flap if that way too, only not quite as bad, and since i love that one so much, i can't say any thing bad about her!


Mar 19, 2006
The Great Plains
My most useful would be my slim flaps or my hippie. They fit just what I need and are comfy to wear! My least useful I guess would be my soho flap. It's a really nice, classic bag but I have to scale it down a bit to use it and pack it carefully! It's nice to have a black bag in that size for when I do occasionally need it.


Jan 8, 2007
My most useful bags are my medium Carly and Legacy leather shoulder bags. They fit all I need and look great!

My least useful would be my demi pouch. It's way too small!