what r ur fave tiffany silver pieces

  1. which pieces are ur absolute faves?
  2. I have a few tiffany things and my all time favs has to be the H link ring and bracelet, both discontinued items - silver and 18kt gold links, but I love it!x
  3. My favorites are the atlas toggle bracelet and necklace. Also, the elsa peretti elongated teardrop earrings. Love the one-piece design since I lose a lot of earring backs.
  4. My favorite Tiffany silver are my Frank Gehry large orchid earrings! I love how they twist and shine!
  5. My favorite pieces now are my silver earrings -- the Atlas drop, Round Link and the Paloma Picasso graffiti scribble drop earrings :heart::heart:
  6. i have a leaf ring that i absolutely love. i have yet to see it online though
  7. I have a diagonal cuff bracelet that is just beautiful. I'm not sure they make it anymore.
  8. i like how all you guys have unique silver pieces you like! fun to hear from you all. i'd have to say my favorite tiffanys piece is the 5 open heart bracelet...i also have another favorite...can i have two? lol, it would be the larger sized tear drop necklace, i love that thing even though it feels so darn heavy!
  9. that sounds gorgeous....if you could post pics we'd all go ga ga over it...
  10. I think this is one of the Tiffany rings that I have. Is it all sterling silver? My husband purchased it for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love it!! They don't have it online anymore...
  11. my 1837 collection.. the padlock necklace, charm bracelet & ring.
    I also love my Return to Tiffany's heart padlock necklace. I'm hoping to get the charm bracelet for that by the end of summer. :graucho:
  12. I have quite a few Tiffany pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets. But, my favorites are my Quadifolgio pendant, T&Co round sliding pendant, silver disc pendant (Elsa Peretti), and my silver bean pendant-Elsa Peretti. Actually, I really love everything!!! But I think Elsa Peretti's designs are wonderful.
  13. if I could only pick one it'd be my Elsa Peretti's open heart ring....I got from my dear BF (now dear fiance') I absolutely adore it and used to wear it all the time until I got my e-ring!!!

    I also love the open heart silver necklaces which I have in both sizes and the other one in gold (from my mom)

    go Elsa!! :smile:
  14. I love all of my Tiffany silver pieces, but probably my favorite, because I wear them the most are my beaded necklace (the one that is not graduated beads), beaded bracelet and beaded earrings. I love this set so much and get compliments on it all the time!
  15. The starfish necklace... been wearing it since 5 years ago!!