What r differences b/w two latest LV Catalog Books?

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  1. I see 2 new LV catalog books on eBay. They have different cover but both are the latest ones as stated. So I wonder if they have the same or different content.(Sorry there is no LV boutique in my city for me to see and compare them)

  2. The bottom one is just a newer version. It just has the more updated styles (like the Batignolles) added in..they don't really change all that much. :yes:
  3. wow.. kinda off topic, but i love your avatar!! how cute!
  4. Lvbabydoll: Thanks for your info. You just help me save $:love:
    bvbirdygirl: I want to buy those books but dunno what their contents are. If I know they are nearly the same so I can save my $ by buying only latest one, rite? Glad to know you like my avatar:nuts:
  5. #1 is actually the '04 version (my store was giving them for free last time I was there) and the 2nd is the '06 version. They are supposed to come out every year, but sometimes don't.
    What is in them? Well it shows every single piece from every single line available at that time (excluding limited edition). It is all in black & white, with the exception of the introduction page for each line.
    No prices are included.
  6. Definitely just buy the newer one. Or you can just call 866 Vuitton and they'll send one to you for $10 to cover the shipping..that might be a better deal since sometimes the ones on eBay can go for quite a bit.
    And your little dog is adorable! I love the hairbows and dress hehe.
  7. i agree with lv babydoll. entirely.