What qualifies as a manufacturing defect


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Feb 1, 2009
I just invested in my first Prada bag from a Prada boutique - a blue Prada Saffino men's bag VS0088. After my purchase, I scrutinised the bag and noticed a tiny scratch (2 to 3 mm) at the top of the bag, next to the zipper. The scratch is not obvious and would probably be unnoticed except by close inspection.

Would this qualify as a manufacturing defect? Or would it be an inevitable flaw in most new products that I should not dwell too much into?

Hope to receive some advice from seasoned Prada fans. Thank you.


Jan 3, 2008
Hi. You might get more responses if you post a pic of the scratch, otherwise hard to tell. And may be hard to tell even with the pic.

You could also take it back to the boutique and ask them.

Congrats on your 1st Prada. The scratch sounds so small, but we all want our brand new bags to look perfect.