What Pushes your Breaks?

  1. How do you stop yourself when Hermes is calling?

    Whether is going in there to buy a scarf ring...or a scarf, another bag, etc etc.

    When you are getting the itch...and you are about to say oh screw it I will get it...

    how do you stop yourself...

    what pushes your breaks?
  2. The thought of my PHH when he gets the bill:p
  3. I think about the white sandy beaches and blue oceans I could be visiting..
  4. I used to be really bad (meaning, I think someone cut my break lines!). Now, this little baby that will make his appearance in November, has me thinking twice.
  5. :push::sweatdrop::push:
  6. I am on a first name basis with just about everyone in my store, so clearly, I don't have the answer. I have had to do inventory recently of my purchases because I almost bought the same belt twice!!!
  7. I volunteer to help you do inventory! ;) FUN!:heart:
  8. let's just say I have a difficult time with that...I am quite honestly a stress shopper and find my life to be full of stress very often! I'm trying to keep a spending journal and force myself to look at it...keep track of it...and try to spend less and buy less (and sell more!)...DS is off to college and my life is about to change in several ways - the major piece being financial!! So I think I have purchased a few things anticipating the end of reckless spending....I will still purchase smaller items - but not bags unless I sell a bag...hoping to do one per year as I'm VERY happy with my collection...
  9. ^^hg I DID purchase the same summer straw hat one year -- received and said to myself 'hey wait a minute! I think I HAVE this!!!' -- good to know the good taste continues though lol....
  10. Nothing. I have the willpower of an ant. I am only solvent because I live a train ride from the store and I cant get to London often.
  11. Sorry, I should have put I am only JUST solvent.
  12. Funny thread. We can make bumper stickers: I brake for the third black box Kelly...
  13. LOL! Let's not go there!
  14. oh I love it!

    I am trying to make something make me turn on the cruise control so I can coast thru......I get on a rampage.....wreckless crazy driving.....and after I am like CRAP when I get the bill...but I do love it all.

    I am hoping my husband going back to get his MBA will help put some breaks on.

    I hate brakes.
  15. right now its close at work so I am not going to work the rest of the day. most people gone for the holidays. I want to put on my dancing shoes and go to Hermes and have fun.

    so I need something to stop that. I will vacuum. I will try it and report back to see if it helps.