What purse would go best with brown suits?

  1. I am normally not a huge fan of brown suits, but this year I find myself with several. I try to lighten them up by teaming them with cream tops, but I can't seem to find the right purse.

    I have both the Manhattan PM and Suhali L'Epanoui PM. Both bags look fine when I am wearing the suit without the blazer, but it looks just okay when I have the blazer on.

    Any suggestions on a LV that looks good with browns, tweeds, etc? I have been thinking about getting the damier papillon. Not sure if this would be a good contrast or if I need a purse to lighten it up some.

    Anyone have a good suggestion for me?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I think Damier will look great on brwon suit..
  3. I agree!:yes:

    get the Damier Papillon :graucho:
  4. Thanks, I think you're right! i forgot I bought the cosmetic case in the Damier and held that up against my suit and it looked great! I've been wanting the Papillon 30 for a long time now so I guess this is my excuse to get it!!
  5. Oh you are a bad influence! I just called LV in Palo Alto but all the ones they have are made in the USA. They do have the old hardware though....I'm going to call a few places and see if I can find one made in France.
  6. I have a lots of brown clothes and I love to take my Damier Papillon and my mono Batignolles Horizontal, but now that I have my Mandarin Soufflot the other two are resting more from to much use.
    If Damier Papillon is your pick, you will do just fine, this is a perfect bag for your brown clothes.
  7. Heehee...:graucho: Can't wait to see your piccies when you get it! You won't regret it!;)

    Aw, man! I could have sworn that they had another made in France "upstairs". They might have sold them after I left, though. Good luck! :flowers:
  8. Yup ANYTHING damier will look gorgeous with a brown suit:smile:

    Esp. the Papillon bc it is such a fun but classy bag!!
  9. DO NOT promote your illegal counterfeits here.:yucky:
  10. I agree...damier would look great. I really want to buy a damier speedy but I'm on a ban.
  11. huh? :confused1:
  12. I did it!! I bought the Damier 30 in the old hardware. It's made in the USA, but I guess it's better than having the new hardware. They are shipping it from Palo Alto and should be here late next week. Thank you all for your replies and suggestions!
  13. That sarah82876 person put an ad in for a site that sells fakes, and swanky mom of three edited it to get rid of the ad. The same thing happened in my thread on the damier papillon :wtf:

    Congrats on your pap 30!! It's such an awesome bag :yes:
  14. Congrats on the bag! Can't wait to see pics of you in your suit with your new bag!
  15. I was going to suggest something in red or canelle epi but see you already got yourself a great bag!!! Congrats on the pap!!! I am sure it will look fantastic on you!:smile: