What purse type are you?


May 7, 2007
What's your style? Do you only go by certain designers? What size to you carry? Are they long or deep? Anti or obsessed with monogram? Do you like structured bags or slouchy ones?

I love Dior, LV, and Gucci. Would love Chanel but its too expensive at the moment. I haven't ventured/looked at anything outside of those. i like structured bags. Long more than deep (i don't like to dig). Monogram is great!

I would love bigger bags (medium size) but i seem to be really attracted to small bags even when they won't carry everything i want. What i like is not necessarily what i follow. When i'm in love, i'm in love. lol


Sep 22, 2006
I like bags that are a little bit different. I am not a classic kind of person. I seek out alternatives to the "big" designers and currently like Tano, Bulga and Kooba. I also own LV, but rarely ever carry them. I like finding out about designers I haven't heard about before.

I like bags that are about as tall as they are wide, and medium sized. I like hardware done in interesting ways, and I like contrasting trim (though that is difficult to find). I like slouchier bags, but not big hobos that have no definition at all.

I am really not a monogram person at all. I don't like to shout about what I have, and I like others to appreciate my bag for what it is, not WHO it is. I am just not comfortable carrying monogram pieces.

Oh, and I really like having at least one outside pocket! Without one, I constantly lose my keys and phone.


May 16, 2006
What's your style? I'm really into boho chic right now.For the summer I love flirty skirts, cute tanks, flip flops nautical themed outfits. Living in Miami I love bright colors such as yellow, white, turquoise, etc. I find Balenciaga really promotes my current style. In the evenings I'm really into black dresses, etc.

Do you only go by certain designers?
I don't limit myself to only being interested in certain designers but right now I'm crushing on Balenciaga! I own some Chloe and LV pieces as well.

What size to you carry? I'm more prone to carry bags that can carry more things than just the basics. The City is the perfect size for me. I try not to carry anything longer than my torso or wider than my front hip ratio! I happen to think that large bags make women look very feminine!

Are they long or deep? Deep

Anti or obsessed with monogram? I'm not anti-monogram but I prefer bags that are more subtle and less brand name suggestive. Currently I do not own 1 monogrammed bag.

Do you like structured bags or slouchy ones? Structured for evening bags (love Chanel classic flaps) and slouchy for every other occasion. Slouchy bags are made of the best leather!


Dec 28, 2006
I really like classic styles. The CHANEL flap, the LV Speedy, the YSL Muse... they all have clean, classic lines and I can carry them for years.

I have brands that I really like, but I wouldn't say that all of my bags have to be Chanel (for example.) I am open to almost anything but I always tend to come back to certain brands.

Im pretty tall so I like larger bags. I think smaller bags on someone my height just tend to look strange and out of proportion if it isn't an evening bag.

Depends on the bag.

Im not anti monogram but I don't have any type of obsession with them. I prefer understated bags but if I found a bag I loved that happened to be monogram, I wouldn't just exclude it.


arm candy

Jan 12, 2007
My purse type is expensive.

My style is:
- classic, but updated
- minimal bling but not bland
- structured but not stiff
- larger in size (I am plus size and 5'8 before heels and look better with larger bags)

My favorite brands right now are: Choo, Dior, Miu Miu and Kooba. I am seeing more and more Dolce's that I love. I just ordered my first Miu from the NAP sale. I cannot believe that I missed the cobalt blue Choo clutch.

My current purse "wardrobe" is:

Choo Ramona in black
Gucci Positano in cream
Kooba Charlie in Rose
Kooba Natasha in ink (a dark purple color really)
Gustto Torlia in blue
and then... my new Miu Miu rectangular tote in white!!! yumm yumm

I change my purse 3-4x a week. I have a "system" so the change is quick. I keep my current "wardrobe" in their dust bags hanging from hooks of my bedroom door wall to make for easy changing but ensure they don't scuff or color transfer on each other.

My next purchase will probably be a Balenciaga or another Miu Miu

I also think next season the past couple years of high slouchiness will end. I suspect we will see lots and lots of frame bags highly structured and I am psyched for that!!

-arm candy


Jan 15, 2007
I am ECLECTIC!!! And I love it! I have Hogan, Gryson, Burberry, Celine, LV, Mulberry, Ghurka, Gerard Darel and a Gucci Messenger for travel. I have both slouchy and structured. I go for looks and not for status. (My carry on is a Le Sportsac and I feel totally chic with it.) I am slowly becoming disenchanged with super expensive designer bags and going more for under the radar great bags ON SALE (my mantra!), such as Furla. I'm looking into Andrea Brueckner, Belen Echandia... I have both logoed bags and plain. I don't like fussy, overstudded, over buckled, hippy type bags. I'm not a Be&D type or an Isabelle Fiore. Chic classic, but not conservative. I have tremendous fun with my handbags.
And I don't take it all too seriously!


Jun 28, 2006
My style: Ummm...I don't really know if I can classify myself into any particular category. I like classy, chic yet fun.

Designers: I am open, but I do love MJ. I also own Chloe, LV, Botkier, Tanner Krolle etc.

I change my bags when I feel like it, it could be every other day or month. Really, it depends on my outfit. I dress, then decide which bag to wear. I'm deploying soon...so it's gonna be no bags. LOL.

I like bags that will grab attention when you walk into a room, but not increbibly gaudy. I have a Botkier Skeleton from last year that I still get tons of compliments for. I also have a perfo speedy and I get a lot of compliments on that too.


Jun 10, 2007
What's your style? My style ins't exactly laid back but it also looks somewhat effortless. Basically I just put on whatever tee I've got (usually in dark colours), denim or coloured skinny jeans with my Lanvin flats or wedges for day time or with a mini skirt and flip flops. Luella Bartley really captures my style.

I'm really into short dresses, preferably baby dolls at night with eye-catching shoes, like metallic red ones with a nude dress for example.

Do you only go by certain designers?
Lanvin is my favourite designer but I mostly have Topshop and Marc Jacobs clothing. I really like Gucci, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, YSL and Christian Louboutin for heels. I love Chanel, YSL and Balenciaga for bags though.
What size to you carry? For the day time, I'm always using my YSL Reversible Tote and load it with more things than necessary. For night, I stick to my small silver LV, my python Sergio Rossi or I borrow a small evening bag from my mom.

Are they long or deep? Deep.

Anti or obsessed with monogram? Anti, but I currently own one silver monogram LV. It's subtle though and not completely brand suggestive.

Do you like structured bags or slouchy ones? Mostly structured but slouchy ones make day dressing look effortless.


Aug 16, 2006
Style: Well, I dont think that Im a stylish person at all really, but I like it neat and well coordinated overall..

Certain Designer: I have one love and its a certain LV style.....I do have a couple of Pradas b/c of the lovely and hassle free nylon for bad weather/activity

Size: I love huge bags...or at least a good size

Long/deep: Yes, most are

Anti/obession of monograms: If the monogram is done pretty and not too loud or eye catching....

Structured/slouchy: Mostly structured


Jan 24, 2007
What's your style?
Jeans, t-shirt kind of person or smart trousers + linen shirt. casual i suppose would be the answer!

Do you only go by certain designers?
So far I've only got Mulberry, Tabitha, Orla kiely bags & Radley. i seem to be sticking to Uk designers!

What size to you carry?
medium sized shoulder bags for work or general use then smaller messenger type bags for casual use/ shopping. Not keen on small bags (except evening bags), or huge bags that i struggle to fill and feel silly lugging about!

Are they long or deep?
Neither really - kind of square! both my favourite bags are about 33 x 30 cms

Anti or obsessed with monogram?
Don't like monograms, blingy bags or fuss/frills!

Do you like structured bags or slouchy ones?
Semi-structured. Not stiff but not amoeba like either!


The Dreamer...
Nov 16, 2006
Style: I'm not sure how to describe my style. I like to wear stylish colorful tops matched with jeans, occasionally skirts. and i love to wear boots.

Do you only go by certain designers: I'm not a big fan of a certain designer. but i'm most attracted to gucci's design. I love balenciaga, miu miu and bottega veneta too but havent been able to afford one.

What size to you carry: small-medium sized. I dont carry a lot of stuff normally.

Are they long or deep: deep

Anti or obsessed with monogram: some are okay some are a no no. I love gucci monogram but hate coach's

Do you like structured bags or slouchy ones: i love hobo kind of style, so i guess slouchy ones :smile:


Sep 8, 2006
I love so many bags!! (and can afford so few..:lol:)

I love classic styles and trendy, slouchy and structured, some monograms, but more into understated (sorry, I'm a Gemini, LOL)

My dress sense is very classic, but hopefully with a bit of an edge.., love clean lines and haven't got one item of red or green in my wardrobe..

Cannot stand anything too cute, just not me..the bags have to be big and roomy.

Have some LV, Gucci and Kooba, would love BV, Balenciaga, Chanel and Chloe.


psalm 25:4
Sep 18, 2006
My style is casual - for work my favorite is Elie Tahari capri's with a dressy tee and Chanel shoes
and for every day is pretty similar - capri's, cute tee and blingy flip flops
and my favorite bags are Chanel Cerf Tote or Balenciaga City to match my outfit!

This is pretty much ME :P