What purse , purses do you take on vacation?

  1. i usually carry some sort of bag that I can get lots in on the plane and then a smaller one for carrying around when we get there.

    Typically, the MC Speedy 30 ,but now I'm taking my new Damier Speedy 30 for a trip :smile:
  2. i carry the cabas mezzo....everywhere
  3. I wear my Speedy since she's so sturdy and sweet and ooolllddd...(1984 vintage!)
  4. if flying, mono speedy or epi bags or damier
    if driving, I can take more high maintenance bags
  5. I usually take 2 with me - for now, it's the baggy pm (functional shoulder tote) and one speedy (usually the mini lim because it is dark coloured).

    Things might change if I get the Neo Cabby GM!
  6. I just came back from vacation & I took my Neverfull MM. Before I bought her I'd bring Speedy 25
  7. something you can put on your shoulder and have your hands free.
  8. BH, Speedy, and always a pochette for club nights.
  9. neverfull, mc pochette, wapity, and i borrow my moms mono speedy 25 ALOT
  10. I am going to NY in a few weeks and I have already thought about what bags I want to take. I am thinking I will probably take my Mini Lin Speedy and my Azur Saleya MM.
  11. i bring shoulder bags, because then i have my hands free. usually i bring my Batignolles Horizontal, because it's one of my biggest shoulder bags
  12. Well~ funny you should ask that. Tonight I was reading the latest issue of People and they had a section on Jessica Simpson. She stated that she brings her LV speedy everywhere since it compliments everything. I don't have a mono speedy...and I liked her reasoning on this so, I just purchased a mono speedy for the same reason. That way I can have a knock around bag and I will use my mono sophie for dinner/going out!
  13. um on my cruise in march i took damier azur speedy 25 (but only used it boarding and disembarking) keepall 45, silver miroir pochette and maybe my white multicolore accessories. don't remember. i'm going to aruba in january so i'm taking my keepall 45, probably something azur (whether it's mini pochette accessories, speedy 25 or might have azur hampstead by then) -- and maybe white multicolore accessories, maybe amarante sunset blvd. i always take smaller bags.
  14. I used to bring the Mezzo when my laptop fit in there but it doesn't anymore. I mostly just bring my BH, but I did take the Viva Cite GM to Vegas and that was pretty easy to work with.
  15. My Stephen always goes, I can fit quite a bit in it, but it still works nicely as a purse.