What Purse Matches This Wallet?

  1. I thought I would save myself a lot of searching and ask all of the knowledgable Coach lovers here, what purses were made to match this wallet I just bought?

    Thanks in advance, Cheryl
  2. There's a new Hamptons bag coming out with a red stripe, that would match it perfectly (esp. since that wallet is a Hamptons).
  3. very cute wallet
  4. I saw that new Hamptons bag and I like it. I am also tempted to buy a red patent hobo but will probably wait until the next PCE. I got the wallet on eBay, so I'm hoping someone has seen the matching bag dicounted at one of the outlets and knows the style number or what it is called (if there is such a bag). I'm trying to save my money for new fall styles, but I love a bargain when I can find one.
  5. Carly is coming out in khaki/red leather too. There will be many bags to match! I'm thinking you can order at least the Hampton's right now if you want, I was shown it and all the other new upcoming designs this last weekend while in chicago.
  6. Oy!
    I need that wallet! It matches my bag!! Hamptons signature stripe carryall:graucho:
    Ebay Pics 387.jpg

  7. I was just thinking that same thing. That wallet would very nicely with your new handbag.
  8. I'm seriously considering getting that same purse. I saw a few listed on eBay. The wallet has patent trim and I keep thinking that there has to be a purse out there with patent trim on it also, so I'm going to keep looking for a while. If the opportunity presents itself in the mean time, to get a purse like yours really cheap, I will probably get it. If not, I'll get either the the new hampton stripe or the patent crimson hobo next PCE. Unless I have a unexpected windfall and can afford a bourdeux large Hampton!
  9. I like wallets that compliment a bag... Rather than going with signature fabric bag, you can maybe look into a black leather bag... Like Carly.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I would love a black leather Carly. I don't care so much if the bag matches the wallet. Right now I'm carrying a hot pink wallet with everything. What attracted me to the wallet was the patent crimson stripe. I have black, brown, gray and blue bags but nothing red. I guess I need some bright colors. The patent hobo has really caught my eye but I need to see it in person because I'm afraid it will be to big. I'm hoping to get to the mall next week. My excuse for the long trip (2 hrs) will be back to school shopping, but I'll be sure to go to the one with a Coach store so I can see all the new stuff.
  11. cute wallet, I am not sure, I think I saw a tote with red but I am not quite sure.
  12. the wallet would go nice w/ Ranskimmie's bag! :yes: