What purse is this?

  1. I was at a friend's today and she showed me this adorable purse she bought at the outlet last year... she said she bought it on a whim and cant use it (she is disabled also). Its been hanging in her closet!! I told her I would sell it for her if she wanted me to... but I have no idea what this purse is! Anyone know? Anyone had the number or drilldown for it? Or what it should retail for? I dont wanna put it on eBay saying "cute coach purse, dont know anything else" lol. Sorry for the crap pic... snapped it with my phone before I left! I will obviously take good ones before I sell it!

  2. My guess is coach stripe hobo. You can find the style number from the creed although I found one looks like your friend's on eBay with style number F10702. I don't think the drilldown will work for the factory exclusive purses. HTH :biggrin:
  3. I saw these at Marshalls, I think it is a stiped hobo as well. You could also try a search on eBay to see what others are calling it. There were a few on there. If you search by color and brand, under multi color is where I usually see them.