What purse is this?

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  1. Can anyone please tell me what bag Sienna Miller is carrying here?

    Thank you :smile:

    *photo from Hollywood Rag
  2. ^^^ I don't know, but I'm totally digging those Chloe flats!!! YUMMMY!!!!
  3. I love the shoes too =]]
  4. who is that???? I totally can not tell??? lol...no idea on the bag, but love the handles
  5. ok so I found photos of Jessica Alba carrying a bag that looks like the one Sienna is also carrying in white. Please if anyone knows this bag let me know. I've been checking other forums and no one else seems to know.

    *photos from oh-hilary.com
    0015eg1.jpg 0021pc.jpg
  6. Miu Miu purse, someone already posted questions about it before.
  7. oh THANK YOU!!!!!
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