What purse is this?? Please help!

  1. I recently spotted this purse going on sale at my local Coach outlet; Due to the price, I didn't buy it immediately, but returned the next day to find it gone!! I have no clue what Serial Number it is... could you purse experts please help me? Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I have found some totes with th e#10002... but they are slightly different; It has more zippers and such and doesn't seem to be quite it...

  2. why does this look fake to me?

    BUT i do remember seeing them in the outlet last summer.
  3. it does look like a fake!

    but i am sure the outlets would have a version like that, because that's what happened to 05's christmas patchwork...

    i'm just not sure that one is real though

    that's the thing about outlets, when it's "exclusive" the material is not just as good as the regular store IMO there's a reason it's outlet
  4. that bag is definately fake.

    but the real one is the indigo patchwork gallery tote, no?
  5. I don't think I have seen an indigo patchwork gallery tote.

    I'm familiar with the Sig Patchwork Tote/10002, Sig Patchwork Shoulder Tote/10003, Sig Patchwork Hobo/10019 and the Sig Patchwork SwingPack/10006 in that line...

    Anyone have a style number for that gallery tote? I just might NEED it if it exists! :yes:
  6. saw the hobo in this same indigo patchwork being put out at my outlet today
  7. I know there is another line of denim/indigo patchwork but I don't have that catalog! Ugh!
  8. Oh gawd. This girl at my university has that same exact fake! Disgusting.

    I don't have the Style No though...sorry. :sad:
  9. you know...come to think of it, i don't think there IS a real one. i think i just assumed after seeing so many fake ones, lol!
  10. The 10002 is at the outlets.
  11. There is a real indigo patchwork line, but this picture is a fake. I have the 10003 which is the shoulder tote in indigo patchwork, it is my favorite bag! I am pretty sure they do make the gallery tote as well, with the leather straps go all the way to the bottom of the bag instead of ending up top ... if that makes sense! lol

    I wish I saw the khaki version at the outlets ... I would love to have picked that one up!

  12. most have said...but IF it was real it would be the indigo patchwork gallery tote. They didn't have a gallery tote when the indigo patchwork was out in 2006 - but IF they bring a version to the outlets they probably would have a gallery tote...or book tote.....That said....if a patchwork gets made special for the outlet its usually at least 1 year behind the original release...and not all do.....

    My outlet still has a little of the 2006 holiday patchwork left...but thats not all blue like your pic...which is a knock off of the indigo patchwork.