What purse for a 13 year old

  1. This is my first question on the board. I just cannot wait to get to work every morning to read the questions and all of the experts answers. So I need help. I want to buy my 13 year old neice a coach purse and wristlet for her birthday/christmas present. What do all of you suggest and what color do you think will be appropriate?:heart:
  2. Why not something from the madison lurex line? A pouch and a little wristlet to go inside? Does she like sparkly things? The magenta looks divine. Or you could get her the black, so it would be cute yet classy at the same time - and she could use it for a long time.
  3. I was thinking something in black or black/khaki so it will be classic. Maybe a sparkly wristlet to go inside? What style purse? I like the small carly or small ergo, what do you think?
  4. From what I have heard, the teens mostly like the signature fabrics. More obvious that you are carrying a designer purse if it is a signature fabric than if it is a more subtle leather one. I bought a Hampton wristlet for my niece with the signature fabric and the gold leather trim. The SA told me that the teens all really like the gold leather trims because it adds a little bling without being too over the top.

    Definately go with something small. At 13, she doesn't need to carry too much because, hopefully, she doesn't have credit cards or a check book. So she wouldn't need a full size wallet. But a smaller purse with a wristlet should be fine. Heck, my Mom who is 68, carries all her stuff in a small wristlet that I bought her.
  5. I am going to go this weekend with my PCE and see what I can find. I agree that it should be smaller, now I just have to pick the right one for her. And of course, since I will be in the store, I will have to buy myself something as well. That is why I never get done Christmas shopping, I buy one gift for someone and like 2-3 things for me.
  6. since k2 is right and girls tend to like logos a LOT more, maybe khaki signature baby carly and a gold madison lurex wristlet to go inside???
    I just said black earlier because girls also like to feel grown up and black is a very grown up color on a purse :smile:
  7. My daughter is 12 and she uses the top-handle pouches alot. She got a holiday patchwork one last year from my husband, but personally I think that pattern is too season - I'd go w/something signature in a neutral color that she can use year-round, then maybe a contrasting fun wristlet, which she can either use in the bag or alone when she just needs to carry a few items.
  8. Thanks Candace 117 - I did not think it would be this hard to buy someone something from Coach. I was thinking a small Carly, I have the medium and love it so I thinking about the small for her. What about the small ergo, or this too grown up?
  9. the carly is more fun as a shape and it's more popular in all sizes, so she could be more in trend...and it won't go out of trend at least in my opinion...
    so i'd get that as opposed to the ergo which is designed for functionality and not fashion so much, unless it was in patent leather or something!

    Baby Carly sounds good to me!!! I have tried it on and it is adorable.
  10. Thanks to Candace 117, donnalynn11 and K2Sealer. I have never had this much trouble buying something Coach for someone. I guess I should just go with my instincts and get a gift receipt. What do you think about the BleekcerSignature Small Zip Hobo? Do you thing that is too grown up?
  11. it's too boring i think...for a 13 year old. Stick with your instincts girl! The Carly is hot!
  12. ITA!! :tup: The signature fabric is really popular with teens. And I agree on getting a small bag. Can't add much, k2sealer pretty much was dead on!!:tup:
  13. Definately get a gift receipt. Young ladies can be very specific about what they like and don't like. (I'm kinda partial to the small Carly in Khaki/Beet - maybe that's because I have the medium in this same bag!)
  14. Okay so a signature Carly it is. Now what color and what style and color wristlet? It is so easy to shop for my mom, friends and of course myself, but a 13 year old, this is tough. I do not have and children yet and I have no idea what that age group is into. All I know from my SIL is that all of her friends are getting something from Coach. I have a headache!!!!:s
  15. Khaki/Beet Carly - but I'm biased because that's my fav.

    Then a Hamptons Signature Small Wristlet in Khaki/Red, or Khaki/Gold to mix it up a little.

    Just be sure to get a gift receipt!