what purse do you carry in the rain?

  1. hello! i am in vancouver bc canada, and it is rain city over here. i only have a few LV purses and i do not like to carry any of them in the rain here. A white MC alma begs to not be in the rain, and my perfo speedy isnt prepared for the rain with all those holes!! :yes:

    so what purses do you carry when it's raining?
  2. Either my Epi Jasmin or my Damier Speedy. Or even my Chanel pink/black Cambon bucket since it's a shoulder bag.
  3. You all are gonna laugh... I carry a black Marc Ecko bag (a bday gift from my mom's co worker) oh well, at least i wont have any stains on my vachetta. :p
  4. My mono pap (gotta love older handles that aren't vachetta) or my D&B satchel tulip tote.

    Or...just a regular non-designer.
  5. anyone i feel like, i dont spend my money on bags to be afriad to use them.
  6. epi petit noe or saleya pm
  7. My speedy. It cost enough so im gonna use it every day
  8. i got my damier speedy so i can carry it out w/o fear in all kinds of weather, but now i see water spots/stains on my speedy lock that just don't go away! now i'm definitely going to think twice before carrying it out - guess it's not only about the canvas of the bag being rain-proof, but also consider the hardware!
  9. Damier Speedy, Mini Lin Speedy, or my black Epi Speedy.....I'm seeing a "Speedy" theme here!!!! :graucho:
  10. i use Minilin Bucket.. it work well when snow fall and rain
  11. Damier Speedy 25 or 30 or something else!! Actually, from my house to my work place, I'm in garages, so I don't have to worry about my purses getting wet. If it's raining, I'll take my Wapity and stick it inside my coat pocket.
  12. Saleya PM
  13. Epi or Damier Speedy.
  14. Either a cheap no name bag, noe or piano.
  15. I don't carry LVs when it is reaining or if it is accidentally raining, I always has a plastic bag to cover them.

    On the rainy day, I use Chanel sport shoulder bag (water-proof) or a Fendi shoulder bag ( which I don't care it will be wet or not)