What purse did you carry today??!!

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  1. The title says it all. What bag did you carry today? I used my black MC mini HL.
  2. I used my damier musette salsa today. :smile:
  3. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I carried my bright green patent leather Cole Haan. :smile:
  4. ^^That is too cute. Patent leather is yummy.

    I've always wanted a damier musette. Such a classy looking bag. :smile:
  5. My new white City Bbag.
  6. My new Ink Balenciaga! I rocked it at The Cheesecake Factory and also to the new Vin Diesel move - Find Me Guilty! I looked good! :smile:
  7. My khaki Chloe paddington!!
  8. Manhattan GM:biggrin:
  9. My Cornflower City bag.
  10. michael michael kors green oc purse
  11. My Epi Speedy 25 because it's kind of rainy & I didn't want to risk using my BH in the rain lol
  12. chocolate mulberry phoebe in darwin leather. love this bag.
  13. My mauve Mulberry Rosemary -- just a nice size ...
  14. mono bosphore pochette
  15. Green perforated speedy for St. Pat's Day of course!