What purse are you wearing 2 NYC TPF Meeting?

  1. I am seriously giving this alot of thought. If you are going to the meeting in August...what bag will you wear??
  2. dude..I will have bought several fall bags by then..so who knows....it must be a surprise...mu..ha...ha...ha...ha
  3. I will be bringing my recent acquisition--a new Jimmy Choo bag!
  4. I wish I could go but we will be away in Florida at that time :sad:
  5. Hmmm, I'm playing it by the weather, the venue where the meeting is going to be at, and most importantly my outfit. I can't wait!!!
  6. selena, i am working on those jobs so i can have a new one:graucho:. i will probably be wearing a neck brace too:shame:
  7. whats the date for this?
  8. I think I'll buy a new bag and wear it in DC in order to be with you NY ladies in spirit.
  9. I want to bring a bag that you guys would enjoy seeing, so I'll probably bring my Hermes black Kelly with ruthenium hw or my LV plum Le Talentueux. Which one should I bring?
  10. OMG please bring the hermes!!! I will take pics! (of you too! LOLOL)
  11. "Bag?" not "Bags"????? :smile:

  12. BOTH! You have two arms for gods sake!!!! :roflmfao:
  13. We can always have our 2nd DC meeting ;) .
  14. OMG! I really want to go to NYC in August! Someone PM when the meeting is- if I can coordinate the dates, I am TOTALLY CRASHING!