What purse are you carrying today?!

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  1. Okay, just for fun! What color and kind of purse are you carrying today? (I must convince myself that they are other colors out there besides brown!)
  2. I'm using my black MJ Venetia...it's dreary today :sad2:
  3. LV monogram speedy 30, holds everything I need. Sorry to dissapoint you with the browniness :P
  4. LV monogram Batignolles Horizontal. Sorry, boring brown here as well.
  5. i'll bore you to death now: monogram alma:nuts: :nuts:
  6. I'm not carrying a high end purse today. Just a cutesy bag I picked up at DSW a yr ago. Its a brown (sorry;) ) shoulder bag with faux fur and grommets on the sides and strap. I can't find a pic similar online.
  7. Today is the Damier Duomo.
  8. Whiskey paddington :nuts:
  9. White Murakami Trouville!
  10. even though it's just going to class, i'm carrying my new balenciaga first in pewter (i'm slightly obsessed with this bag...)
  11. Brown coach gallery tote...nothing impressive its raining.
  12. Mono Speedy 30.....another brown!
  13. Anthracite paddy!
  14. okay I think I got the shinest purse, don't worry it's colorful!

    It's small brand, Cuffz
    I bought it this August when the Shiny hobo's were the rage.
    And all I am doing today is window shopping, who I don't need to carry much!

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  15. choco paddy