What PSP games do you play?

  1. OK, I started a thread asking for advice in regards to the PSP Slim which I think I'm going to get it. (Yay!!!) So, the next step would be deciding what games to buy and I'm clueless!! Help!
  2. Loco Roco is a really cute game and I love both GTAs.
  3. I haven't played with my psp for about an year, but when I do play it I love Lumines. You have to match the coloured blocks together. Sounds silly but it's addictive!
    Ape academy is also quite good, lots of mini games.
  4. I heard Loco Roco is a fun game and girlie too (which I like hehe)!

    I need to hear about more games!! Keep 'em coming!!
  5. Is that something like a puzzle game?
  6. I love Lumines too...I on my third replacement original PSP model as they seem to wear really easily and I hardly use it .... my last one is starting to go towards the PSP light in the sky too:tdown:
  7. another vote for lumines, i LOVE that game. it's a puzzle game where you are supposed to build boxes of one color from falling blocks made of two colors. it's hard and confusing to explain but it's great fun!
    get lumines 2, it has cooler music on it and real music videos, including a gwen stefani one.
  8. Lumines sounds like really fun. :tup: I'm going to get it!

    I have two on my list now...
    - Loco Roco
    - Lumines

    Any more games? ;) Keep 'em coming!!
  9. i like lumines too! it's addictive.
  10. Anyone played Sims 2?
  11. WOW! TBH I haven't played on mine for about a year! Boyf and me both bought one, but I lost the chargers (yes both of them!) so it's been put in the cupboard for a rest. I tend to use my DS more.

    What about Tekken on the PSP? Not had a chance to play it yet myself, but it's one of my favourite games on the playstation consoles.
    Can't think of any other games apart from GTA, depends if you like that type of game tho! I'm too lazy for that type of game tho!
  12. Luxor and Twisted Metal, which surprisingly is really fun. I have Sims 2, but it got on my nerves b/c every single second she either was hungry or had to go to the bathroom. I couldnt do anything else but feed her and take her to the potty. I got sick of it and havent played it since.
  13. What kind of game is Tekken? What does "GTA" stands for? Sorry I'm really ignorant...
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Thanks for telling me. I guess it would be tough to navigate on PSP from the sound of it.

    What type of game are Luxor and Twisted Metal? Puzzle? Sorry I'm really clueless...
  15. OK, I found out. Twisted metal looks kinda complicated (to me) and I think you have to be really fast (and I'm freaking slow). To date, I've only played cake mania 2 and sudoku and some casino (cards) game.