what prompts "the letter"? question about returns

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  1. I have alot of bags piling up that I bought at the outlet, for whatever reason.

    The "whatever reason" is, actually, that I got caught up in the discounts and coupons and whatever.

    I am a sucker for a deal and the only time I get to an outlet it when we are on a weekend trip. That happens about once a month and I have lately been spending $1000-$2000 each trip.

    I get deals, but I end up with bags I really don't want.

    Sooooo, I have a BUNCH of stuff I would like to return. A BUNCH.

    Two gold groovys
    One pink groovy with the pockets on the front
    One Kristin Hobo large in Taupe
    One Kristen Satchel, large, in blue
    One Kristen Satchel, large, in black
    Two Julia totes in Sunflower
    One Julia tote in siggy/metallic trim
    One Raspberry op art Hailey
    One gunmetal Madison Carryall
    One Mia convertible crossbody
    One red embossed wallet

    a large Maggie in sapphire
    a large Kristin hobo in gold

    ALL are NWT and I have the receipts. I have never asked for a gift receipt. I buy alot of stuff, but its only for me, my mom and occasionally a gift for co workers. I am not guilty of buying multiples very often and if I do, it's two.

    Soooooo, should I load up all this stuff and return it to clean the slate, or is it too risky?

    I might also add that during the last PCE I bought 3 FP bags, spent $1300 and I have NO INTENTION of returning any of them.

    Thoughts? Opinions?
  2. as far as i know...
    the letter is handed to the people who return WITHOUT the receipts.
    So I think it should be okay.
  3. I have never attempted a return without a receipt. Ever.

    I'm just a very prolific shopper :P

    I have an old red wristlet that I carry always, just for my receipts.
  4. I think you would be okay since you have the receipts, but, & this is just a thought, it might be a good idea to do returns a few at a time. Unless the outlet is in a very slow period, that is a huge amount for the SA to do returns and credit your card or give cash.
  5. Yeah I would agree with DebbieAnn. Return a few at a time, don't draw so much attention to yourself.
  6. well... i have returned i think 3 bags at once and 5 at one time it was awhile ago... but i was getting other things so it was okay and i did this at an outlet as well. i would feel weird bringing all that in at one time. i think you should break it up.
  7. I understand the "break it up" theory. I also thought maybe if I did it in one fell swoop, I'd get a pass instead of being labelled a recidivist returner.

    you know, like when your husband/boyfriend/partner does something really irritating over and over VERSUS a big bad thing once. . .
  8. Sadly, I respectfully disagree that only those that return w/o receipts are flagged with the letter.

    I think that the problem is there is 1. very VAGUE info on those that get it for non-receipt reasons and 2. that the info that Coach uses to determine these things hasn't been made public for some obvious reasons... such as the more we know as consumers, the more that information can be used to abuse their policy or how to avoid it.
  9. I agree with bunny. There is just no way of knowing how Coach will respond to the amount of returns you have. I agree with others though: return in small batches!

    On a side note: where are you located so that when you do return these, other TPF'rs might be able to snatch them up? ;)
  10. #10 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    I would take them all back and not worry for one second about the "letter".

    As long as you have receipts, I don't think it's a problem. I've taken lots of stuff over the years and never had an issue. Just try to time your visit so that it's not super busy.

    The bigger issue, IMO, is the obsessive buying. I know it's easy to get caught up in the frenzy...but, really, what's the point of tying that kind of money in anything that is not useful or even wanted! ;)

    Good luck!
  11. I also think the staff can flag you at their discretion....Especially at the outlets....I would do it gradually...or even better if there are items you want to exchange for....maybe your dh could return some so you don't stand out....I know you should be able to return if not happy but the letter is a sad fact of life with coach
  12. I'm not sure how far you are from the outlet but I would just return a few at a time.
  13. Personally, I would fear the letter. As stated by others above, there is no clear-cut formula for how the letter is doled out or what triggers it, and I don't think we will ever know for sure. I would either bite the bullet, return all at once, and cross my fingers or I would get rid of the items using another online venue.
  14. Return a few at a time (one or two on each trip). DOn't let yourself look around for other things, it can get you in trouble. It takes me a while to get to an outlet, and so last time I did that (I had a total of 4 bags and 4 wristlets I didn't want anymore), they looked at me all weird and I'm guessing they thought I was a reseller.
  15. basically, I would split it up a little...maybe return the ones you know you really don't want first(like the 4 or so least favorite) then take another batch next time. This way you get the ones you really don't want returned and can judge how well it goes for how you will do the rest.
    This is one of those areas that we just don't know what Coach looks for or how much influence the SA's have in what happens. They have a very forgiving return policy and you should definitely be able to return what you want with reciepts without worrying but you just never know. Unfortunately, it all depends on what SA's you get too and it definitely is easier on them if you have everything organized(receipts matched to bags) when you come in and try to go at a not as busy time and this will help things go smoother. Good luck!