What products does your man use?

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  1. My boyfriend has HORRIBLE dry skin in the winter and it bothers him a lot. He asked me to find him a new product to use and I'm a little unsure on what to recommend. My dad and brother use the same bodywash (Old Spice) as him, and have no problems, but I think he needs something with more moisturizer. So I'm turning to you guys....what products does your man use? I'm mainly looking for skin care, but hair care products would be nice to know as well.
  2. Whatever products I happen to be using...which currently are Kiehl's and La Prairie. LOL! He likes Kiehl's a lot...I'm trying to wean him off my stuff and have him start using the men's products from Khiel's.
  3. He uses L'Occitane Almond Oil in the shower OR he will use J&J baby wash and then when he gets out... Eucerin on his body. He washes his face with the L'Occitane cleanser for dry skin (forget the name) and uses Cetaphil moisturizer on his face.

    He also uses the L'Occitane shaving cream and shaving balm. He looooves L'Occitane. Can you tell? :lol:
  4. I got my husband a Clinique 3-Step kit our first Christmas together, 4 years ago, and he's used it ever since. He usually only uses it once a day, but I really can't ask for much more. I think it really has helped his oily skin.

    For body wash, he favors Bath & Body Works Men, and a Loofah.
  5. My husband is using goats milk body wash and eucerin lotion for his body. For his face, he's using Obagi also.
  6. Usually what I use,
    currently for him -
    body buffing cloth (dermalogica) w/ whatever soap is in the tub
    special cleansing gel (dermalogica) for his face
    cetaphil for moisturizer on face
    jergens ultra healing for body
    bumble and bumble sumotech for hair.

    his skin is like your boyfriend's, super dry but his is also oily sometimes. He never used lotion before we dated and I was like WTHeck your face/body is peeling off so now it's a must. I don't get how guys just deal with dry skin, it makes me nuts!

    I would like a way to get rid of his blackheads and acne scarring, I'm thinking about having him come to the spa for PCA treatments.
  7. Mine uses lush Angels on Bare Skin for a cleanser and skips out on moisturizer. he says the cleaners makes his skin soft and he doesnt need it. Guys, go figure.
  8. He has super sensitive skin, like moi:

    Cetaphil face wash (he uses that in shower -twice a day)
    Clinique face wash (part of the male 3 step - once a day)
    Clinique Scruffing lotion (part of the male 3 step - once a day)
    Clinique M Protect (part of the male 3 step - once a day)
    L'Occitane shaving cream (he got it as a gift at christmas, he hates the smell :lol:)
    Herbal Essences shampoo :lol:
  9. Pond's moisturizing lotion that comes in a tub. I'm trying to get him to move on to more products, slowly but surely!

    L'Occitane cleansing milk for face (sometimes. Only when I pester him, basically ;)).

    Also uses American crew in his hair. We share my fresh sugar lychee body wash...mmm smells so good!
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    Haha we actually had this same conversation the other day, which is what lead to me posting this thread!

    Thank you all so much ladies. I'm going to look into these products and try to see what would be the best match for him...one big factor is price: he doesn't want to spend a lot unless he knows it's going to work. Which I guess is kinda understandable.

    Oh and btw, right now he is using American Crew for his hair (no complaints there), and uses his Cetaphil, my Neutrogena Wave, my organic body wash or his Old Spice bodywash, and my Bath & Body Works scrub (notice a pattern here? I can't wait to get him his OWN stuff!:smile:) in the shower. I've been telling him that our skin has different needs, and what works for me doesn't automatically work for him.
  11. ^Ya the lotion and washing of the face took FOREVER to get him to do. Men are just something else.

    I don't mind him using my things though. He loves B&BW so he buys it whenever it's on sale...I use to tell him he smelled like a girl but I guess it's better than smelling bad!
  12. My DH uses Clinique eye moisterizer and Clinique daily face moisturizer with 15spf
  13. My brother uses Shiseido men, if that helps. the moisturizer is really good, i would use it, but uh..it smells really manly.
  14. My BF uses stuff he got from his dermatologist.
  15. hahaha. i once dated a guy like this. it's b/c he was swimming all the time but it would drive me nuts so i'd go run and get some lotion for him which drove him nuts.

    OP, i got dbf a shaving/skincare set from the body shop. he dislikes the smell but he says the moisturizer is good for winter and the razor relief helps after shaving. he hates using skincare stuff though. before i got him the set he used nothing but rubbing alcohol after shaving! but he would complain his skin was dry and kept borrowing my lotions (most are unscented b/c i tend to have allergies) so i finally got him his own.

    i think a lot of guys don't like having to go out and buy lotions, etc. for themselves so i think your bf will be really happy with whatever you find. :smile: good luck!