What products do you use with your GHD???

  1. First off let me say that based off of all the wonderful reviews on here about the GHD straighteners that I decided to purchase one during the Sephora F&F and I love it. I also bought the thermal protector and fat hair lotion, and I guess the thermal protector works, but I cannot stand the fat hair lotion. My hair feels so dry and icky (I know good technical term) after I put this on. I have also noticed that when I use the two together that they seem to create a rather unpleasant aroma. So I'm curious as to what products everyone else uses, preferably not ghd ones, anything that you use for flyaways, static, volume etc..
  2. Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum
  3. well i have really thich wavy, frizzy hair and i only use frizz ease thermal protector serum. i used to use frizz ease down play--a volume reducer---w/ the ghd i don't need that anymore!
    i find the ghd really reduces volume so if you already have fine, flat hair its probably not a good thing.
  4. Well, I do use both products you mentioned above (GHD's thermal protector, and the fat hair lotion), but I also swear by TIGI's S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer (it's a defrizzer and tamer). It smells amazing!
  5. After shampoo and conditioner, I mix Kiehls Creme w/silk groom and shine serum, then dry. Then, a little mist of Redkin shine spray, then lightly straighten. My hair is fine and wavy (yuk) and this combo with the GHD does wonders.
  6. lol, well, the GHD fat hair lotion is one of my HG products, it doesn't make my hair dry at all. i also use some fekkai products - the glossing cream and once a week, the shea butter mask. i also sometimes use Graham Webb shine serum after i'm done heat styling. i have to be careful with using too much product since, even though my hair is curly, it's also very fine.
  7. My hair is the same and it's total yuck! Glad to hear you figured out how to manage it, I will def try that or something similar! I let it air dry tonight and boy oh boy do I have my hands full when I go to straighten it (with a run of the mill $18 iron :sad: ) I am def going to put up a fight for a GHD!
  8. I have the same type of hair. Thanks for the suggestions!