What products do you use with your flat iron?

  1. I've been flat ironing my hair daily with a ceramic iron (HAI) and after a few years my hair feels pretty damaged... what products do you guys recommend to use with flat irons?
  2. Hot Sets by Redkin. I try to use other things, and always go back to it! I also put this blowdrying gel by VO5 in my hair when I blowdry it.
  3. Super_S_Serum_products.jpg
  4. kerastase oleo relax
  5. I use Iron Shine from Matrix's Sleek Look line. I actually spray it on when my hair is almost dry, finish smoothing with a large round brush, then smooth out more with my flat iron or large barrel curling iron. Pricey, but it lasts a long time. I had tried some similar product from John Freida's line, much cheaper, but it left an oily residue on my hair.
  6. I have very curly hair & my hair dresser said she wouldn't mind me ironing my hair everyday as long as I always put something on to protect it first. This way, the iron is burning off the product & protecting your hair, rather than just burning your hair directly.
  7. i use biosilk, potion 9, or phytodefrisant before hand then biosilk or the body shop coconut oil afterwards to make it shinier/feel less dry. :smile:
  8. Have been using Silk Therapy and Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. I think the Paul Mitchell is less drying but I don't like the smell.
  9. I second this! Actually, I use the Super Skinny Serum everyday. Paul Mitchell Heat Seal or PM Seal and Shine are also great to use with hot tools.
  10. CHI Silk Infusion
  11. Me Too!:yes:
  12. i just bought the paul mitchell skinny serum yesterday. I'm gonna try it out soon!
  13. iv been using l'oreal studio hot straight it seems to be stoppin my hair from over dryin and breaking which is good
  14. The Martix Sleek flat Iron spray is specifically formulated to do that-I use either that or the Chi texture spray with mine,but the Sleek has added ingredients to help seal the straightness in,where other protectants can be used with a curling iron,so they do not encourage straightness,they just protect from heat. So if I plan on flat ironing then putting in a bit of curl,I use something like Biolage thermal setting spray or Redken Hot Sets,but if I am just going for total straightness,I use the Sleek spray and finish with the sealing serum.
  15. Halo High Gloss Rinse. I think it's awesome.