What products can I use for my Chanel Handbag at lovinmybags.com?

  1. Did anyone ever tried using these things on your Chanel Handbags before? Can you share me some tips on how to take care of my handbag? Thanks!
  2. I don't do anything special to mine, just wipe them down with a baby wipe after use and store them away until next time.

    On the rare occassion I have to deal with a superficial scratch on the leather I use Appleguard Leather Care to rub it out.

    I've never had to clean a bag but if I did I would use something mild like saddle soap and water.
  3. There's a remedy for a scratch after all?
  4. Is it possible to get scratches off the silver clasp part, not the actual leather, or is that permaneant?
  5. i would call hcanel boutique and ask them..they can probably send it out to get repaired.
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