what process is involved to return a chanel?

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  1. do i have to write any sort of memo or fill out any forms? i bought it from neiman, do they have any speicfic return process? tia
  2. No, no forms or memo needed.
  3. i don't think so. remember to put in your order slip though. and just FYI, Neimans takes forever (at least 4 weeks) to process a return to their mail center.
  4. what do you mean? i am sending it back to the store right? so as soon as they receive it, don't they just process the refund?
  5. When I sent something back to their mail center in texas it took 4 weeks for them to process is. If you send it back to the store, maybe it is faster. Sorry to alarm you unnecessarily!
  6. The mail center is where orders placed online or via phone originate. It can take 2 billing cycles before you see a credit appear. Over the Xmas holidays, it can take even longer.

    Now, when ordering from a store and then returning it, the refund is not done at the counter. The package is handled by the Receiving Dept. THEY do the return. The bag may or may NOT return to the floor for sale. Depending on the person, it may go back to Chanel for their outlet (and a credit issued to the store) or it may go to NM outlets. Just enclose a copy or the orginal sales slip (but keep a copy for yourself). Call Shipping for a FedEx pickup (they'll be there in 2 days) and then follow up in 4 days. FedEx does NOT leave a ticket, so I make sure to hand it myself to the FedEx guy. They also don't require a signature for delivery. I think not leaving a slip is dumb, but that is the contract they have w/NM. Once the package is back at the store, it SHOULD credit within 48 hours.

    Can you tell I've done this a few times, lol.
  7. There is a place at the bottom of the pre-printed Fed Ex forms that says you want someone to sign for the goods. It does take longer to get a credit posted to your acct if you mail the item back. If you are near a Neimans, I suggest taking it there if you want to see a credit posted timely.