What print tee are you wearing ?

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    I love printed tees,so I'd love to see lots of pics :smile:

    today I'm wearing AllSaints



  2. Very nice, both of them!

    I don't own any tees as my arms are like twigs so I stick to long sleeves all year lol.
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    Thank you, Cullinan
    Longsleeves pics are welcome too :greengrin:

    AllSaints today


    This one I bought yesterday at the marvelous :heart: concert

  4. One more nonstarter thread :whistle:

  5. I haven't put on a tee all day!!!

    Therefore, I have nothing to contribute here!!

  6. You should make an effort ! :lol:
  7. Despite the cold outside I'm currently where this T-shirt. Some embellishment details were applied onto the print though so I'm not sure if it qualifies. :-s
    P1030673_opt.jpg P1030673 Kopie_opt.jpg
  8. ^^ C.J. it's more than qualified !:greengrin:

    And it's very unique and beautiful,imo:yes:
  9. Ooh, I will definitely have to post. I love printed tees. :biggrin:
  10. :biggrin:

    Oontz! Oontz!
  11. ^^ cool sunglasses,355D1
    I'm happy to see,that you've found your closet again :greengrin:
  12. Oh yes, join us !

    Schumacher today

  13. :smile:

    My lovely Chanel Aviators! :heart:
  14. Thanks! :smile:

    As it is getting colder now the days for wearing tees are numbered – at least for me – but it looks like you're well-prepared for next spring.
  15. I'm wearing tees all year,with wool or cashmere cardigans ;)