What print is this?

  1. I googled in lesportsac and I keep coming up with an external website, but I saw this print:

    I think that print is realllllly cute, doesn't anyone know what it's called? I think its the new print because it keeps saying Summer 2007, but the Summer passed...

    If anyone is curious here is the website:
  2. That's Spiaggia. It was the Summer 2007 Tokidoki print. No longer available at LeSportsac. The outlet only got a few pieces of that print in, I think in the small Bambino style.

    It's still pretty abundant on eBay though.
  3. Spiaggia is also still in stock at the Hawaii LeSportsac boutiques, at least the Ala Moana Shopping Center one (therefore it'll be at jacked-up Hawaii retail about 20% more than normal retail).
  4. That's Spiaggia, it's SUPER cute! i just got a Zucca in that. :3 You can find it on eBay for very decent prices.
  5. It is all over eBay right now, I just got a Canguro for $56!
  6. there is a super super cute stellina up right now, you should get it!! it has really good placement too, imo!
  7. That particular swatch is my favorite part of the print!
  8. Ahh thanks guys so much!!! It's for gifts, so thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;):greengrin:
  9. Me, too! I found a gioco that had that part of the swatch across the front and back of the bag. I was SO thrilled when I found it on ebay!