What Print Goes Best with What Style?

  1. Since I'm a newbie to the TOKIDOKI line and from my understanding, it's ending this year (which makes me REALLY REALLY sad), I was just wondering what print people thought went best with what shapes so maybe I can eBay it and expand my collection! =)
  2. It's totally up to you and your preference, I think we all have our own idea of what's best. For me, I have a paradiso gioco, which I absolutely love... a spiaggia zucca which has my fave print placement.. an olive cammo luna, you can't go wrong with print placement on that... a pirata cucciolo which has pretty much the whole print on it.. and a citta portatelefono which has two cute characters I like on it..
  3. It's an individual thing. Even the really big prints (like Foresta) can be perfect on a small bag (like Dolce) if you've got the characters you absolutely must have (like the overpriced Dolce on eBay right now wit the yawning kitty on it...)
  4. These are not what I have....but what I would have wanted and think look really nice....because of the size and repeat pattern of the design...

    Amore stellina,gioco, bella or ciao
    spiaggia zucca or buon vaggio
    paradiso campeggio, scuola or bambinone
    inferno stellina, campeggio or zucca
    adios star zucca, campeggio or canguro
    pirata stellina or mamma mia or buon vaggio
    cammo prints....any of the small pieces!
    playground bella bella or bella. scoula
    original ....bella bella, bella, scuola

    Those are off of the top of my head that made impressions on me over the past three months. I actually have all of those prints except spiaggia and most of them are in a different style than I mentioned up there! haha!

    I think if you like the ciao ciao that style works for any print because you get the whole thing usually!
  5. In my opinion I like:
    Amore Gioco (this seems to be really popular, but I think it's just because it looks AMAZING!)
    Inferno Zucca
    Foresta Ciao Ciao
    Pirata Bambinone (I know it doesn't show a ton of print, but I think this bag looks awesome for some reason!)
  6. Can anyone post pics of awesome print placements they have? I would love to see because I have not seen many of the prints mentioned before =)