What print for a LSS Weekender?

  1. I am thinking of getting a Large Weekender for our Disney trip in 2 weeks (and for future trips) but I am having trouble deciding on a print. What looks good on the larger bags?

  2. The pictopop print actually looks really good on the large weekender. (I know cause I have it and I love it!)
    Dutchess actually looks quite nice as well, even though it's not really my style. I did see a photo of a celebrity carrying a paisley LSS bag somewhat similar in print, but with a different color scheme, and it looked pretty good on her.
    Beebop's kinda cool too, and you know you'll never lose sight of your bag with such a bold graphic print.
  3. I'd say to go with the fafiness print. I have it on a hobo and it is sooo cute. I love the little red haired girls and big puffy white monster thingies. It's fun and bright like toki bags. IDK if lesportsac is still selling the print on their website though, but I'm sure you could find it somewhere.
  4. I think Dutchess, Pictopop, and Beebop are all realy cool looking.
  5. bunnyville! does it come in bunnyville?
  6. very very rare to come by anymore... but i have the pink panda print in a large weekender...and i love it!
  7. I was just checking out macys.com and they had a good pic of the smoke python print on some bags. I think it is a nice sophisticated print.
  8. I've got a few Large and Xlarge weekenders (btw...I use the XLarge much more for travel). Great for travel with kids. I think the larger scale prints with more colors look better on the bigger travel bags. Also, they get dirty, so i'd go with darker trim. Of the current prints, I like Fantasy for a big weekender. It's dark, has a big scale, but still fun. Bunnyville is also cute, but IMO its scale is too small for such a big bag (I ordered a Bunnyville Poppy for my projects and a Fantasy XL weekender!). Good Luck!
  9. the birdie print! or the happy print. something bright in color....