What print do you think looks best on Gioco?

  1. i need opinions! im really craving for a grey citta gioco but i dont know! what do you girls think? :girlsigh:
  2. I think Pirata looks awesome.. the dark brown straps frame the bag so well.. lamore is also nice as it has repeated print so not risky on placement :smile:
  3. Hehe, I'm looking for a Citta Gioco too. I've seen two really good ones-- one pretty pricey, and the other was at a reasonable price but the seller has been giving me the cold shoulder >.<

    I really like Spiaggia, L'Amore, Citta Rosa, & Inferno on the Gioco. (& of course Foresta!)
  4. pirata is probably my favorite print on the gioco, but maybe because i happen to use that one the most.
  5. I LOVE my Citta Gioco! But I also love my Trasporto Gioco... and my Tutti Gioco.
  6. i have 3 gioco's (Citta Rosa, L'amore & Famiglia) and i love them all! I think Famiglia looks awesome one a gioco because you don't have to worry too much about cut offs.
  7. I think Spiaggia looks lovely on a Gioco, as well as Lamore! They look pretty cute on a Gioco.

    For Foresta, I dunno, I've seen some icky Foresta Giocos that were mainly water scene with the koi. :/ Maybe that's just because I'm very picky with Foresta lol...
  8. Spiaagia with as much ocean scene as possible. And maybe Pirata.
  9. wow! pirata seems to be veryyy popular on gioco! i have a pirata MM already so odds are i wont get it in gioco :sad:

    :huh:o... how much did you see them go for? o.o
  10. I prefer Pirata.
  11. i thought about getting a pirata gioco from the outlets, but they ran out before i decided to. :p

    one was 155, the other was 220. :p
  12. :huh:o thank you :biggrin: thats not that bad! i will keep looking! :tup:
  13. I :heart:my Citta Gioco..and I just got a Paradiso Gioco. :nogood:
  14. I love my pirata gioco and want to have another vacanze gioco.:love:
  15. I :heart: my Citta Rosa Gioco the best of all my giocos :drool: but I also think that L'Amore looks amazing on a Gioco! :love: