What print do you own most of?

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  1. Out of all the LV bags you own, what print do you own the most of?

    Most of my bags are in monogram. YOURS?
  2. I have one Ebene, one Azur, 4 or 5 mono, and several Epi colors. They are all great. :smile:
  3. Most of mine is in mono as well.
  4. Monogram for sure. Here's the breakdown:
    1 vernis
    2 Empreinte
    3 epi
    1 azur
    2damier ebene
    8 monogram (2 limited edition NF)

    I only counted bags but monogram is also my favorite in SLG's
  5. Damier Ebene 13 including 1 luggage
    3 Mono including petite malle and mirage noir
    5 vernis including bb lockit frame
    1 mc white
    1 empreinte
    1 mahina
  6. Epi in different colors.

    I don't like owning more than 1 bag in the same print/color. I have two monogram bags, but that is the only duplicate...a petit noe and a bucket.

    Multiple epi, one graphite, one cobalt, one azur, two mono, one vernis, one LE sequin runway and one multicolor...not a big fan of Ebene, Empreinte or mahina.

    I do love mens' Utah and Taiga lines though. I'm looking to expand there.
  7. 1 DE
    2 mono
    2 Epi
    1 empriente
    2 veau cashmere/taurillon
    Those are bags, slgs is a mix match
  8. Edited
  9. :smile: ALL DE.
    Favorite mm
    Marylebone pm
    Neverful GM
    Zippy Compact Wallet
    Sarah wallet.
  10. Both canvas, no leather cause too heavy for me :cry:

    Now I prefere more mono than DE; so my next purchases will be mono :peace:
  11. I must like Mono better - I don't have any Damier pieces, or other leathers.
  12. Monogram Macassar
  13. Handbags are mostly DE. SLGs are mostly mono :smile:
  14. DE and Vernis are tied
  15. Bags:
    3 mono
    2 DE

    5 mono
    3 DE

    Right now they're close but I see myself adding more DE, maybe even DA, eventually.
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