what print do you like on the zippy???

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which zippy?????

  1. Mc Zippy (White)

  2. Mono Zippy

  3. Vernis Amarante

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i think if i end up buying a wallet it porb will be a zippy i have no idea if i should go with White MC, Mono, or Vernis in amarante? what do u think do these wallets have any bads that i should know?? what would you go with?
  2. I have a Monogram Denim and Vernis in Pomme D'Amour. If you're really anal (I mean that in a kind way) you may not like the Vernis since fingerprints from handling are a given.

    I've loved the Monogram Denim which I've had since it was released. so far it seems to hold up great and the fabric has some give. My next one will be either Multicolore or Mini Lin (or both). Good Luck!
  3. im also planning to get a zippy too. i like the vernis in pomme d'amour for myself. but i voted for the vernis amarante since i really like the vernis zippy wallets.
  4. Definitely vernis for me
  5. i love the zippy in mc white... that is the one i will get next year. i have to save up a bit now though. heehee
  6. I love the white and black MC!
  7. I love the vernis in the zippy wallet:tup:, though people have mentioned fingerprint problems with the aramante. The pomme or framboise are my faves.
  8. are the finger prints super bad??:sweatdrop:
  9. White MC
  10. I like Pomme best but of the 3 you indicated, I would pick Mono. Finger prints on the Amarante will drive me nuts.
  11. I say Vernis. I LOVE the vernis line, but I do not really like all of the vernis purse styles. Therefore I have most of the accessories which contrasts nicely with my monogram bags. I do not have much of a problem with fingerprints, not sure about the dark amarante color since I have pomme d'amour. Now, the vernis items come with a cloth to wipe fingerprints.
  12. i own the mono zippy but would really like the white mc.

    the vernis style is very yummy but only in pomme IMO.
  13. I looked at a vernis amarante earlier this week, and it had fingerprints just from me holding it (and I was being careful!). I can only imagine what being in my Speedy would do to that! I ended up going with the mono instead.
  14. Vernis Vernis Vernis! And Amarante is a gorgeous colour.
  15. Definitely WHITE MC .... :tup: