What price would you pay?

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  1. Hello TPFers!
    I can pretty easily get a jumbo classic flap in black caviar with silver hardware at my local boutique. Nonetheless, I feel that--occasionally-- the caviar timeless classics in black look dull. It depends on the batch maybe. I will probably be leaving Europe for good in the fall or winter to move back to the USA, where prices are higher, so I would like to purchase in Europe. That means buying in the next couple of months.
    I have located a jumbo classic flap in black caviar with silver hardware for resale. It is, from the photos, a lovely dark and glossy caviar in excellent condition. However, the seller is asking about 200 euros over boutique price. While there may be a little bit of room for negotiation, I would probably be paying about the same as new. Seller claims she never wore it. It is from 2015 or so, based on the serial.
    Knowing that:
    1) In order to get the lower Euro price vs. USD price, you have just a few months to track down a nice caviar at a boutique, but sometimes the quality is hit or miss, so it could take a while; and
    2) There is a reseller with one that looks amazing but is not technically new or store fresh (but for the same price as a new one!)....WHAT would you do?
    What is the most you would pay for the reseller´s?
  2. I would def wait to buy from the boutique. for the reseller option you pay more or the same and don't even get to come out of the boutique with the joy of a new purchase. plus authenticity could be an issue..

    for reseller option I would max pay up to 90% of the original price unless it's a rare item.
  3. Hmmm its a tough one. I personally will wait and take my chances with the boutique. It saves having to go through the stress of authentication with the reseller and also guarantees that i can return or exchange if i'm not happy with the product. Good luck with your decision
  4. For same price I would go with boutique
  5. +1

    I don't always believe sellers when they say "never been worn". If you can easily purchase the bag from the store, then do that.

  6. +2 I used to live in Europe and you can go into many Chanel stores to get this bag whereas in the States you could find a waiting period. Besides, did you realise that you qualify for VAT refund? Even if you are an EU citizen of you move out of the EU for at least one year, you get VAT back like tourists. :biggrin:
  7. I have had mine for over a year I use it often it looks new but could easily pass it off as 'never used' because I look after it.

    I would wait for a boutique one.
  8. Wait.
  9. You should be able to find one you like new from the boutique before you leave.
  10. From the boutique definitely!
  11. right? i know, never been worn, suuuuureeeeee
  12. Heehee, parisianescape, I was thinking that too :graucho:
  13. Thank you, everyone! I will wait. Between my upcoming trips to Paris and here in Luxembourg City, I will find my jumbo! I would also rather give the commission to one of the lovely SAs I work with. This individual who is selling online has been responding to other people´s offers with Major Attitude. Like she owns the only caviar jumbo in the whole EU. Niceness wins me over every time.
  14. I would definitely wait ..
  15. Thank you! I think you are right.