What price could I expect for my pre-owned small black patent betty?

  1. I have the stunning black patent betty in the size small. It is a great day bag but I want to get the large size (which was the size I originally wanted but could not find one at all so settled for the small) and have had a call saying that my SA may be able to get hold of the large size for me in the next week or so.

    I have had mine for a few months and it is in PERFECT condition. When I get my large betty I will sell the small as I know I will no longer use it once I have the large size and I dont want such a stunning bag going neglected.

    I am going to put it on eBay but wanted your opinions on what would be a good starting price/reserve etc.

    I have all the original receipts and cards that come with the bag as well as the dustbag.

    Any opinions would be most welcome!
  2. I think between 400 and 450 pounds (800 - 900 dollars) is a reasonable price to expect for a slightly used one. New ones were reduced to 440 pounds in the sales so even used, because black is a very popular colour, I think that would be a fair price :yes:
  3. I just bought the medium size in brown on eBay for $599. I would have gone up to $700 or so as a buyer for a slightly used purse with tags and receipt. I would not have paid full price for slightly used and you can find the small size brand new at a few stores still for around $800 to $900 on sale if that helps.

    Good luck!
  4. I just bought a small red patent Betty on sale at NM.com for $500. I would think something around that price would be good. All the Chloe sales have killed the resale value.
  5. $500 for the small red patent?! What a deal! I'm Jealous. :supacool: That is the hottest bag.
  6. Patent is hot now, since it's featured in all the spring books and catalogs, so I would think you could get a pretty good price. I have the black patent Betty tote (which I absolutely love), carried it today, and someone ask me where to buy one, I get lots of compliments on that bag. As you know, the black patent in the Betty is a stunner, so resale should be fairly good. The sales are almost done, in fact, it's getting harder and harder to snag any Chloe for a sale price, so the sellers market is improving. :smile:
  7. Ditto. I got the same bag for the same price. Intermix also had this bag in a different color in the same price range after a coupon code. So $500 is probably the best you can ask for since yours is very gently used. Ann's Fabulous Finds is trying to sell the large black for $1400, but it's hard to justify paying so much when they keep popping up on NM/BG for 60% off.