What presents can you buy under 350?

  1. As I have never set foot yet in the store (hopefully this friday or saturday) I was wondering what presents you could buy for around 350 (for both sexes)?
  2. Some of the bracelets, pochettes, keyrings, cologne, perfume.
  3. Ulysses, some coin purses, some keychains...
  4. Cotton hankies, scarves, CDC ring, scarf rings
  5. I like those suggestions:smile: thanks and for guys? ties?
  6. CDC ring? how does that look?
  7. some china items...there is a balcons candle set that is really pretty! Or a set of two teacups in several patterns...

    70 cm scarves, pouchettes (both sexes) scarf rings....

    Ulyssees make great gifts.
  8. gorgeous ring!!! thanks hermegroupie , CB love the idea of the china set & the balcony candle)
  9. I am just so happy you are buying us all presents, H&H! YAY :p
  10. I'm partial to cufflinks. But some are over $350... haven't bought them in a while but you will likely want a set for yourself, too!!

    And yes ties, of course... but they also have those card wallets, the very basic ones. The carafe and tumbler set (if they have it) is VERY smart looking although more like $400. They have LOTS of accessories if you get a helpful S.A. who doesn't mind looking in small leather good with you :tup:
  11. Already anticipating to visit you :graucho:
  12. Yes, H&H, there are LOTS of things in the drawers. LOTS and LOTS!
    I also think some earrings may be under $350 as well.

  13. Ohhh, that will be great!

  14. I'm going to try... very excited and a bit nervous ...
    out for dinner !!!!